Sister Wives Recap 2/9/14- Tragedy in the Family

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The family of “Sister Wives” have been through a lot lately. They’ve dealt with Aspyn and Mariah graduating high school, making sure Mariah had money to go to the college she wanted to go to and reconnecting as a family.


Meri and Mariah had to go to Utah alone to drop Mariah off at college sans Kody. Why? Because when the wives were on a vacation to California, Truely started to get really sick. No one knew what was wrong with her as they thought it was just a bug. Finally, Christine realized that it was time to go to the pediatrician who sent them to the ER. There, they discovered that Truely was suffering from kidney failure and it totally put a damper on the family as well as Mariah’s farewell. Fortunately, Truely was able to pull through and the family rejoiced with a party.

Tonight, the family faces another tragedy and crashes their plans for a recommitment ceremony.

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