The Taste Recap 2/20/14 – Season 2 Finale – Who Won The Taste?

By on February 20, 2014
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Lee is counting on the pressure cooker and Anthony and Ludo are arguing with each other. For once marina is listening to Ludo telling her how to handle her food. Ludo tells Marina if she listens to him she will go to the final. Lee and Anthony are thrilled with the outcome of Lee’s dish. Ludo is running around with one minute left freaking out. Jacques Pepin is going to blind taste each dish and pick the best dish and the worst dish. The person with the worst dish will be eliminated. He tasted Marina’s poor dish and thought it was fatty. Jeff’s dishes he thought were creamy and well seasoned. Ludo thought it was good enough that he would serve it in his restaurant and Anthony was saying that steak isn’t very impressive. Next was Lee’s dish and he thought the tripe was acidic and the scallop was well cooked. Louise’s dish was next and he thought it needed salt. And in her rich dish the lobster was undercooked. Chef Jacques says the best dish was easy to choose and it was Marina’s dish. She is the home cook that will compete for the finale and get a private cooking lesson with Jacques Pepin. He says his next best dish was Lee’s and Ludo is in shock that Jeff got the worst dish choice. Jeff is eliminated and his competition against Lee is finally over.

Jeff says he is shocked that Marina won with her testicles. He says he wants to make pop up restaurants in NYC. The remaining three will have two hours to put together a breakfast, lunch and dinner. All will be tasted by the celebrity judges and mentors who are Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson. The mentors are in their trailer discussing the finale and the cooks have their family come visit them in their break room. Louise says although she has the least gold stars that doesn’t matter anymore and that anyone can win. They all hug their family member’s good bye. The mentors are popping champagne and toasting good luck to all. Anthony and Ludo are telling their teams that they have to plan their best dishes. Only one person goes home with the trophy so we will see who wins.

Suddenly Cassie sneaks in the break room to see Lee and they hug and discuss his tripe. She says she isn’t worried about him and knows he will win. They kiss and they both are beaming with happiness. Marina says if they lose the competition they still won in the romance category. A master class by Jacques Pepin is being taught to everyone. He cooked a poached lobster and soufflé that Louise said was delicious. Chef Jacques also says like Ludo that you must keep tasting your food throughout cooking. Anthony says although he wants Lee to win if he was a betting man he would choose Marina.

The cooks now have two hours to cook three dishes of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The mentors are in their lounge waiting to taste the final dishes and they are excited about this challenging challenge. For breakfast Lee is making a parmesan flan with bacon, quail egg, asparagus and chives. For lunch Lee is making crab cake with corn aioli, avocado and lime. For dinner Lee is making a wagyu strip steak with cauliflower puree, mustard demi-glace and parmesan tuile. Jacques Pepin says he has a good feeling about Lee because lee seems like he really knows what he is doing. Cassie also says she has great faith in Lee. All four mentors wanted Lee on their team but Lee picked Anthony. Anthony says he wants Lee to win because he is a underdog just like Anthony and a great cook. Lee is talking about how happy he is just to meet Cassie because he thinks she is amazing.

Marina calls fire out and has to put that flame down. Shellie is talking about how excited she is to see what Marina is making because she has very interesting techniques. For her breakfast dish Marina is making English muffin with caramelized onion, fig, bacon and quail egg. For lunch she is making a fried spring roll with oyster and pork belly. She has made many similar dishes in the past. And for dinner she is sautéing kale and rice with grilled short ribs. Jacques Pepin says he is the most worried about Marina’s dishes because they are so many different techniques. She loved getting to work with him and he is shocked that she uses an internal timer for her food. Everyone has thought Marina is the best cook and she shocks everyone by being the only home cook to go so far. She makes Asian dishes that people will never forget.
Lee is struggling with his crab meat and freaks out realizing he left his flan in for too long. After pulling them out of the oven he realizes that they are perfect. Louise is making for breakfast a fried quail egg with harissa tomato sauce. For lunch Louise is making a fried oyster po’ boy with gochujang remoulade and for dinner she’s making steak and crispy potatoes with mushrooms and red wine sauce. Chef Jacques thinks that Louise is doing a good job. Louise thinks she works hard and has grown as a chef on the show because she listened to chef Ludo’s advice.

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