The Taste Recap 2/6/14 “The Sweetest Thing” season 2 episode 6

By on February 7, 2014
the taste

the taste

Last week on The Taste, Jacquelyn from Nigella’s team decided to withdraw from the competition leaving Nigella with no team. And Dana from Anthony’s team was eliminated after the solo challenge.

Every show two cooks will be sent home and today’s challenge is to create sweet dessert dishes. The celebrity judges and mentors are Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson. Anthony is not happy about the dessert challenge. The chef guest mentor for the night is Christine Tosi and she shows up riding a bike to the celebrity mentors. Christine is a pastry chef from Milk Bar in NYC. Anthony says he is a huge fan of Christine but not happy to see her there.

The mentors are telling their cooks that the challenge today is for the sweetest thing. A lot of cooks are actually not happy about this but some are. Because Nigella has no team she will work amongst all the groups and help whomever during this team challenge. They have one hour to cook their sweetest thing and the guest mentor is judging blind and the winning team learns from a master class with her. The losing team has to eliminate someone from their team. Anthony is showing his team how to add acid to fruit like strawberries to make them pop. He wants a dessert that highlights fruit from his team. Marcus is all about a dessert that is savory and sweet. He made them a beet cupcake to try. Ludo shows his team a French cake to make with cream and strawberries. While Marcus tells his team to seek Nigella’s help; Ludo tells his team to tell her to leave them alone if they are busy.

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