Teen Mom 2 Recap 2/25/14- Season 5, Ep. 6- False Positives

By on February 25, 2014
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Here we go again everyone. Jace is with Barbara learning new and fun information while Jenelle talks about how she and Nathan are trying to have a baby. She takes a test and it says that she is faintly pregnant because she has not been feeling so well. She seems awfully scared about being pregnant so soon especially after just having an abortion. Jenelle has all these afterthoughts as opposed to doing things wisely the first time. Kailyn is no longer a dental assistant because she is always in Delaware but she must return to Pennsylvania for the date with Jo.

It seems that Jo won’t come to an agreement with Kailyn and that is what is taking so much time up and keeping issues unresolved. Again, Jo will not lose any time with Isaac due to the move but he still likes to complain. It is Aubree’s 4th birthday and she gets to celebrate at pre-school. Chelsea still sees her daughter as a baby but Aubree won’t let her call her that anymore. While she was in LA, Adam’s girlfriend had her baby and that was hard for Chelsea because she wanted a family with him. She complains that she and Adam can never have a normal relationship sans flirting and such.

Leah is at home alone with her three girls while Jeremy has been off working. But he ended up fainting on the job so they sent him home. It seemed as though he had been overworking himself and needed a break. He explains to Leah what happened when he passed out and how it happened so she asks a lot of questions. His company gave him a medical lay off so he was able to come home in a good way but this still freaked Leah out. This led her to make a doctor’s appointment for him because she wants to make sure he is okay but he is still resistant.

Jenelle woke up bleeding so she called her doctor and he thinks that it might be a false positive because of the abortion. If her hormone levels go up, that means that she is pregnant with Nathan’s baby. If they go down, she is still having residuals from Courtland’s baby so this is just a big ole mess. As for Kailyn, who is officially almost due with her new baby, she has to compromise with Jo about overnights because he currently has Isaac for 8 nights and wants him for 10. They can not negotiate something that is good for Isaac especially since she is trying to get him in to a regular school routine.

Kailyn walks away to her car and calls Javi crying because Jo will not be reasonable. He thinks that he is this amazing father but I beg to differ as would Kailyn. Chelsea is getting ready for Aubree’s birthday as they are throwing a party for her the day after she turns four. She is being in a bad mood and Chelsea just wants her to be in a good mood. All of Chelsea’s friends come by to help set up and they ask if Adam has called Aubree for her birthday. He texts Chelsea and asks when he can see Aubree and she tells him that they are all getting ready plus she does not want to hear about his new baby.

Leah wants to take Jeremy to the doctor because he keeps getting really bad headaches since he has been back. He overslept and now Leah does not think that the doctor will see them. Jeremy just wants silence and to rest but Leah is trying to get him help so they are fighting the whole way there. But what about Jenelle and her doctor’s appointment? That does not matter as much as the fact that Jace keeps cursing and locks Barbara out of the house. Now we are at the doctor for Jenelle’s ultrasound and she and Nathan look scared but they find out that she is not pregnant.

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