The Top Reasons The Bachelor Juan Pablo is a ‘Jerk’

By on February 25, 2014
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Most adults rarely use the word ‘jerk.’  The word ‘jerk’ has a negative connotation and we try to avoid using it – even thought it is sometimes the only word that comes to mind.  Afterall, when you call someone a jerk, you seem like a 10 year old and well, you sound like a jerk.

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When thinking about The Bachelor Juan Pablo Gavalis and the things he has said this season and what has gone on with many of the women on the show, you can’t help but think, ‘What a Jerk,’ or worse.  So we are left with calling Juan Pablo a jerk.  While we would normally do a top 5 or 10 list for something like this, we wanted to leave it open to our readers to add a comment and tell us what we missed and why you think he is a jerk.

Some Reasons Juan Pablo is a Jerk

    • He is inconsistent – kissing some of the women and refusing to kiss other women because of his ‘daughter.’
    • Juan brought Nikki to meet his daughter weeks before the season finale.  What if he didn’t choose her in the end.
    • Renee – poor Renee last until the final four, she introduced her son to him and then she was dumped
    • He went frolicking in the ocean with Clare, enjoyed it and then the next day told her how much he regretted it and how inappropriate it was
    • He dumped a bachelorette on her birthday
    • He thinks gay people are perverts 

Do you think Juan Pablo is a jerk?  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know why Juan Pablo is a jerk in your eyes.

After the latest episode – it is official, Juan is definitely a big jerk.

Keep reading to see why it is official.

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  1. Betty Braastad

    March 11, 2014 at 4:42 pm



    Should have kissed ALL of the girls and that would have made him LESS of a jerk (even if he used his daughter as an excuse)??
    Should have taken another girl to meet his daughter after she WILLINGLY took him to meet her son – what, as a tit for tat?? (he took only one to meet his daughter, the one he chose at the end) Your point is mute.
    Should NOT have let one of the girls go because it was her birthday; and that choice would have made him MORE sincere????
    Clare chased HIM into the ocean and I defy most online (certainly men and smart women) to say that they would have expected him to refuse this ‘woman’ rubbing herself up against him. SHE chased after him, not the opposite.

    Wake up, girly. Juan Pablo is NOT a jerk he IS a man.

    He was appropriate in his responses as someone with English as a second language would be.

    I hate to say it but those who would deem JP a jerk are short-sighted and represent a large part of the female populace who dress and act like hookers and then wonder why they don’t get respect.

  2. Paul

    March 11, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Juan Pablo, pain and simple is a player!! He would have liked to keep all the girls as play toys. Smartest thing that Nikki could do is… BOLT!

  3. Kathy S

    March 1, 2014 at 1:37 am

    Juan Pablo is a jerk. He acted so unconcerned when Andi and Sharleen decided to leave, as if to say he didn’t care at all. I can’t stand his cavalier attitude and some of his offhand remarks to the women were despicable. He should think before he speaks. I love this franchise but this season has turned me off completely. His voice just grates on my nerves. He is cocky and a chauvinist. Can’t wait till they get someone better in the next season.

  4. Amelia

    February 26, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    My three favorites are lucky they either left or were let go of. Juan Pablo and Claire are both shallow and self centered, so I hope Nikki is spared being with him.

    He and Claire disrespected the women, when they went off into the ocean to have some fun. Pablo could have gotten to know the other women in the time he spent with Claire. But no, he’s with her and wasting an incredible amount of time.

    I consider my three favs to be lucky, Sharleen, Renee and Andie. They’ll find men much better than Pablo and who cares about other people’s feelings.

    He was a big let down after Sean, who was always interested in people and treated them with kindness.

    Pablo didn’t have a problem with language , as much as he had a problem with communication. He was putting people off all over the place. He wasn’t listening to anyone and that incudes Chris Harrison.

    Next Bachelor, instead of looking for the guy with big muscles, which a lot of women don’t like anyway, look for someone with character, intelligence and communication skills.

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