Watch: ‘The Voice’ Bria Kelly Perform “Steamroller Blues”

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The Voice returned for its sixth season tonight and premiered with some amazing talent for the premiere, which included Bria Kelly!!

Bria Kelly’s killer cover of James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues” had all four coaches,  Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton, battling over her.

Contestant: Bria Kelly
Song: ”Steamroller Blues” by James Taylor
Judges’ Notes: Adam and Blake turned around within the first NOTE! Literally, she hadn’t even sung an entire word yet and they were already spinning. Shakira spun around next, with Usher following suit by the end of the performance. Usher turned around and said “Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just heard The Voice.” Uhm, yeah. Shockingly, Bria decided to place herself in Usher’s hands. I thought for sure she would end up with Adam or Blake!

The Voice Season 6 Premiere Recap 2/24/14 – Blind Auditions

Watch Bria’s amazing performance on page 2 and tell what you think!!

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