The 100 Recap 3/19/14- Pilot

By on March 19, 2014
'the 100 tv show logo'

'the 100 tv show logo'

The premiere for The 100 was so suspenseful and exciting. It looks like it’s going to have some Lord of the Flies stuff going on and it will be interesting to see how these prisoners not only survive, buy how they create their own new society.

97 years ago a nuclear apocalypse killed nearly everyone. Now everyone lives on the ark, a space station forged from the original 12. On the Ark, every crime is punishable by death unless you’re under 18. Juvenile offenders are put in the skybox.

Clark, a girl in the skybox is approached by guards and she freaks out because she thinks that all the juvenile offenders are being killed off to reduce the population, but her mother, Dr. Abby Griffin, tells her that they’re being sent to Earth.

Clark is knocked out and wakes up on a dropship, she finds out that her friend, Wells, got himself arrested so he can go with her. Wells, dad, the chancellor, comes on the screen and informs the prisoners that they are being sent down because they’re expendable. Meanwhile, parents on the Ark are upset that their kids were sent without their permission.

Clark talks to another prisoner who reveals that Clark is a traitor and has been in solitary for a year. Then, the dropship goes out of control. A couple prisoners think it would be cool to take off their seatbelts and float around, but they’re mistaken.

Thinking that they’re going to die, Wells apologizes for getting Clark’s father arrested. She tells him that he wasn’t just arrested, he was executed and she hates Wells. Then, they finally land and already two prisoners are dead.

Octavia Blake, a girl whose known for having hid on the floor is reunited with her brother, Bellamy, when he stole a guard’s uniform and snuck onto the dropship Finally, they walk onto Earth.

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