American Idol XIII Recap 3/6/14 – Results Show

By on March 6, 2014
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– Sam
– Jessica
– Ben
– Dexter
– Majesty
– Alex

Bottom 3:
– Emily
– Jena
– MK

According to the results of last night’s votes, Jena was announced as safe. MK was also announced as safe, which means Emily is headed back to the stage to sing for her life and hopefully get the judges to use their one save of the season.

Watch: Phillip Phillips Returned to American Idol’s Result Show to Sing Raging Fire on 3/6/14

Emily decided to sing Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s “Stars,” which I thought was really, really love. The camera kept panning to her parents in the audience who looked simply devastated – and her dad was, adorably, singing along to the song.

The audience went completely crazy for the song, but the judges need to come to a unanimous decision to use their one save of the season. Unfortunately though, Harry had the unfortunate experience of telling Emily that the judges did not decide to keep her in the competition.

Well, be sure to join us next week to see the Top 11 perform!

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