The Bachelor Juan Pablo Recap 3/10/14 – Spoilers – Who is The Final One – Nikki or Clare

By on March 4, 2014
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The Bachelor, Juan Pablo, has reached the end of his journey.  After meeting and dating 27 beautiful women, Juan Pablo is down to the final two women, Nikki and Clare.  Will he choose one of them or end up alone?  Did he get engaged?  Is Juan and the final woman still together?  We have the answers to those questions.


Juan Pablo has turned out to be the ‘most controversial’ bachelor yet.  He has upset many of the women, leaving them wonder if the Bachelor was even there to meet a wife?  On The Women Tell All, it was clear, most of the women believe that Juan Pablo was there to find a girlfriend.  They were also in agreement that Juan Pablo is honest, sometimes too honest and tends to come off as a bit rude.

With Andi’s sudden departure, Juan is down to the two final women, Nikki and Clare.

It is clear that Juan Pablo and Clare have the chemistry but is she the final one?

Keep reading to find out who the final women is and if they are still together?

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