The Good Wife, Josh Charles Speaks About His Shocking Exit

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We were left shocked with the demise of one of our favorite characters on The Good Wife.

'josh charles leaves the good wife'

With Will Gardner gone from The Good Wife, what can we expect from Josh Charles? Will we see him again?

While Josh Charles will make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, where he will discuss the unexpected and shocking death of his character, Will Gardner, we have the inside scoop and wanted to share it with you.

Why did Josh leave the show?

Josh explained in a video,

‘I thought that I felt that however much I have enjoyed enjoyed the experience that I was ready for the next chapter in my life, both personally and professionally.’ He continued, ‘I knew that I wanted to do what would feel right to honor the character and give him a proper good bye. I was really excited about the idea. I thought it had the element of surprise, the shock.’

Josh thanked his fans and guarantees The Good Wife will continue to be an excellent show.

What do you think about Josh Charles leaving the show? Will you continue to tune in?

Check out the video of Josh Charles on Late Night with David Letterman speaking about his exit from The Good Wife on David Letterman.

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