You Tube Sensations Charles and Alli Trippy Separate

By on April 8, 2014
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You Tube sensations, Charles and Ally Trippy have separated, after less than three years of marriage.

'charles trippy and alli trippy separate'

Charles announced the news on his you tube channel under the title, ‘We Need to Talk.’  Charles said they were arguing a lot more and just haven’t been happy over the past couple of months.  They both decided it was unfair to keep moving in this direction if they are both unhappy and stressed.  He also said, they were going to try and remain friends and he hopes to remain close to her family still.

As much as it is a shock to his fans, he doesn’t want his fans to be upset.  He didn’t want to disappoint anyone and that the videos over the past four or five years is enough to where everyone can look back and know and understand it wasn’t a waste, it was for good.  He also doesn’t want their break-up to deter anyone from marriage.

Charlie plans on continuing his videos, as does Ali – just not together.

Some of their fans are blaming the break up on Charles’ brain cancer and are saying Alli is leaving him because she can’t handle it.  What do you think?

What do you think about the You Tube couple breaking up??

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One Comment

  1. Ella

    April 8, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    Well, it is obvious that since Charles got sick and the brain cancer problem is still there, Alli decided it is best not waste anymore time and breakup, you may call her selfish but this is how some of the humans are, when partners get weak or sick, they rather leave this stressful situation. It is the ugly truth.

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