Charles Trippy Asks Fans Not to Blame Alli For Divorce and to Be Nice

By on April 9, 2014
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Following the announcement from internet sensation, Charles Trippy, that he and his wife of less than three years, Alli, are getting a divorce, he has a request for his millions of subscribers. Trippy once again confirmed that neither him nor Alli cheated on each other and they remain the best of friends.

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In the video, Charles said there are a couple of things that concern him. He said that ‘of course Alli didn’t cheat on him.’ He would like for no one to talk trash about Alli or himself and he said he wanted to make sure that his fans are treating everyone with respect. It is a long emotional road and they appreciate all the support they are being given by their fans.

What do you think about fans trash talking Charles and Alli?

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