Catfish: The TV Show Recap 7/9/14- Season 3 Finale- Bianca and Brogan

By on July 9, 2014
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“Catfish: The TV Show” has definitely not let us down in the third season and the finale tonight should blow your mind. You can keep up with “Catfish: The TV Show” here.


On night one of the finale, we met Blake, a young attractive gentleman who did not have time for traditional dating. Thus he turned to the internet where he met Kiersten but as time went on, stories changed and then someone named Sara Grace came up. The last straw was a Kendra profile so Nev and Max went in to action. They learned that Kendra had been stealing photos from two girls to make her own fake profiles. She was reluctant to meet Blake but when she did, we saw why. She looked nothing like she did in the pictures because they were not even of her. Blake went in with an open mind because he felt close to this person whom he had spent so much time with (virtually) that he was hopeful that the girl on the other side had a good reason. She did not and it was very hard for Blake but in the end, he forgave her and it looked like they would remain friends.

We have seen a lot of catfishing this season and some broken hearts. There were some people who were able to forgive and move on while one guy named Adam catfished guys and girls just for fun. How did this show start?  It started when Nev was “catfished” by a woman whom he thought was a young lady named Angela. Turned out she was a lot older and had conceived a whole story to make him fall in love with her. He decided to turn that in to a documentary which ended up became a worldwide sensation and spawned the hit MTV reality show. They find couples who have been chatting via the web and get them together. Most of the time, they’ve always “missed” the chances to meet them but after much research, someone gets exposed. There have been some happy endings as the visuals may be different in person but the heart is still the same. But then there are others who have conned innocent people in to loving them for revenge or for just plain fun.

The biggest reveal is seeing who is on the other side of the photo that Nev and Max have to go off of; the even more exciting part is when we do see who the real person is. A “real person” is the person that the catfisher pretended to be by using a name or photos. Catfish has now made it in to the dictionary as more than just a food. On tonight’s finale, we see a mysterious disappearance occur and we won’t know the outcome until the conclusion/reunion following the show.

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