The Bachelor with Chris Soules Recap 1/5/14 – Season Premiere

By on January 5, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules officially begins tonight, January 5, 2014.

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While this will surely be a season we will be talking about, the season premiere is the episode where we meet the ladies. Who will be the most talked about bachelorette vying for Chris’ heart this season? We have a feeling it may be Jade Roper, so keep an eye on her. The fact that Jade posed for Playboy, has everyone talking and looking for those naked photos. We have Jade’s bio and photos here.

What else can we expect from the season premiere? We have the inside info for you below:

This season, The Bachelor, Chris Soules, is living right next door to the mansion. The show begins with a look at Chris and his life on the farm. For some reason Chris brings Cody, one of his friends from his stint on The Bachelorette, to the show.  And then we meet the first fifteen bachelorettes from around the country who go to great lengths to try and make a lasting first impression. One woman gives him a bear hug he won’t soon forget, another woman shows up in “Daisy Dukes” and cowboy boots and a mysterious secret admirer blindfolds Chris before he can see her and slips inside. Will he be able to find her? We will also meet a woman with an unusual career, who will bring Chris a medical cooler with a surprise inside and a six-foot tall blonde will drive up on a motorcycle wearing a beautiful evening gown – and biker boots.

We meet Britt, who says she is a waitress from L.A. but is really a model. She reveals she hasn’t been in a relationship for quite a while and her and her last boyfriend never had sex. That is definitely TMI.

We also meet Jillian, a news producer from Washington, DC, who also is extremely fit.  Then there is Amanda, the ballerina instructor. She lives at home with her mom and reveals she doesn’t cook or clean. That doesn’t seem like Chris’ type.

There is also Whitney, 29, a fertility nurse from Chicago.  And then there is Mackenzie, who is 21 and has a son, Cale. Mackenzie seems a bit young for Chris.  Alissa is a 24 year old stewardess from New Jersey. Another interesting prospect this season is Kelsey, from Austin, Texas, who is a widow. Kelsey reveals she has been a widow for a year and four months. Her husband passed away suddenly, when his heart stopped.

After the first fifteen women get comfortable with being Chris’ choices this season and begin to party, the women are brought back to reality and the other 15 women will arrive.

Thirty women will compete for the first impression rose. Chris offers the first impression rose to Britt, who is surprised to be singled out of this group of outstanding lovely ladies.

A long, stressful night ends with the first rose ceremony of the season. In the end, a total of 22 women will toast to finding love with Chris. However, in a shocking turn of events, one woman pulls the Bachelor aside for what will be one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history.

Find out who will be eliminated this season and what we can expect this season on the next page.

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