The Bachelor With Chris Soules – Joined by Jimmy Kimmel – Week 3 Spoilers

By on January 16, 2015
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For the first time in Bachelor history, Chris Harrison is handing over hosting duties to Jimmy Kimmel where he surprised Bachelor Chris Soules and the 18 remaining women by taking over the show as guest host for this episode.

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Jimmy loves The Bachelor and even places bets as to who he thinks will be the ultimate winner at the end and win The Bachelor or Bachelorette’s heart. As a long-time fan of The Bachelor, he informs them that he is there to help Chris on his journey to find a wife to bring home to Arlington, Iowa. As the guest host – he plans dates and even winds up in a hot tub.

So what antics does Jimmy have planned for Chris and the bachelorettes?

For the one-on-one date, Jimmy fools Chris and Kaitlyn into believing that they will be going to a high-end members only club for their date. Little do they know, that is not exactly what Jimmy has planned. He later crashes an intimate dinner at the Bachelor’s pad, where the couple is grilling some steaks.

For the group date, Jimmy and Chris take 12 stunning bachelorettes to compete in a farm-themed relay race to see if they can handle being a farmer’s wife. Included in the grueling gauntlet of farming duties are milking a goat, shoveling manure and wrestling a greased pig. To everyone’s surprise, an underdog beats out a brash woman in top physical shape. Things heat up at the after party when one inebriated bachelorette confronts Chris about the number of women he is kissing. But in the end, one dignified and self-possessed charmer wins the group date rose.

For his second one on one date, Chris and Whitney share a wonderfully romantic day in beautiful wine country when they stumble upon a wedding in progress and spontaneously decide to crash it. Posing as friends of the bride, the daring couple dance and mingle with the unsuspecting wedding guests.

One last surprise by Jimmy happens on the day of the cocktail party. It’s all fun and games until single mom Juelia shares her tragic story with Chris and the traumatic event that changed her life and that of her daughter. How will Jimmy handle this serious talk? Later, one woman has an epic meltdown as the race to capture Chris’ attention and affection intensifies.

Chris must make some tough decisions and 15 women remain to try and become his soul mate.

Who is eliminated during the third week?

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