Bruce Jenner to Reveal Preferred Female Name During Docuseries When He Comes Out?

By on January 30, 2015

Bruce Jenner, once known to the world as a world-class Olympic athlete, who covered a Wheaties box before it was the thing to do, is rumored to have decided to transition to a woman.

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Slowly leading up to this point, Jenner had his adams’ apple shaved last year, saying he thought it was too big. As of lately, we have seen him with painted fingernails, longer hair and an overall more feminine look. Most recently he has been sporting fuller lips – following in his daughter Kylie’s footsteps. Following speculation the World’s Greatest Athlete is transgender and he and his third wife, Kris Jenner, announced they are getting a divorce, it appears that Bruce Jenner is finally ready to not only reveal the transformation but to talk about it in great length and even willing to be filmed doing it.

Jenner is said to have the support of his family. Bruce is reportedly filming a documentary for E! according to Variety about his “journey.” E! has even been said to have met with GLAAD to figure out the best way to handle the very sensitive subject matter. TMZ has reported that a significant portion of the docuseries will involve Bruce’s interaction with doctors, discussing procedures and goals. It will also deal with the psychological implications of transforming to a woman. We aren’t sure if the psychological implications will focus solely on him or the family, as well. Bruce has six children total from all of his marriages, with Kylie and Kendall being the most well known, thanks to the reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Bruce, Kris Jenner and all of his children are said to appear on the show.

In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian, revealed the family supports Bruce Jenner no matter what and when the time is right, he will speak. What could be better than a season finale? After all, it is all about the ratings isn’t it. Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s has been slipping in the ratings and this can guarantee another torturous season of the show. There is only so much Kim her husband, Kanye West, and their daughter, North can do to keep the public interested in them. Unless of course, they have another child, get a divorce or one of them has an affair. Or possibly a gay affair?

A well known source has revealed that Bruce plans on officially changing his name once the transformation is complete. They refused to reveal Bruce’s new feminine name, leaving us to guess what a good name for Bruce Jenner’s new female name should be? Do you think he should go with a name that begins with a B – such as Brandi or Bryce or will Bruce Jenner follow the Kardashian’s (and his daughter’s) lead and use a name that begins with a “K,” such as Krystal, Kandie or Kasey?

What do you think about Bruce’s transformation? At 65 years of age he must have been dealing with a lot through the years. For him to finally make the decision to live his life as a woman, could not have been an easy decision.

Weigh in and let us know your thoughts about Bruce Jenner transitioning to a woman and what you think his new name will be?

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