The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Recap 1/6/15- Season 26 Premiere- Where Is the Love?

By on January 6, 2015
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“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” is headed to Panama and it is going to be a super emotional season. This is the last season that Diem Brown and Ryan Knight would ever be on as they passed after filming. Diem collapsed during the third episode so we will see if her partner CT will stay or go with her. You can learn more about “The Challenge” right here. 


This time around, we will not only have cast members from previous challenges but also from “The Real World” and the MTV show “Are You the One?” That will add a little more excitement to it all. Here are the teams:

  • Adam/Brittany
  • Johnny Bananas/Nany
  • CT/Diem
  • Dustin/Jessica
  • Jay/Jenna
  • JJ/Simone
  • Johnny/Averey
  • Jordan/Sarah
  • Knight/Jemmye
  • Leroy/Nia
  • Thomas/Hailey
  • Wes/Theresa
  • Zach/Jonna

It is all about working with your ex in order to get $350,000. Can these cast mates and ex-lovers come together to succeed in getting the money or will they let tensions end it all? To Panama we go!

Keep reading to see who the first eliminated couple will be!

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