Chicago Fire Recap 1/13/15 – “Ambush Predator”

By on January 14, 2015
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Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire opens with Chief Boden’s dad swaddling Terrance, with Boden questioning how long he’s staying in town. His father shrugs his shoulder, not offering him a definite answer.

At the scene of their last call, Severide stares at the newspaper clippings regarding Shay’s death, shaking his head, Atwater arrives, going through the storage unit with him and Dawson, noting the arsonist-like materials that are stored around the room in bulk. It’s a long shot, but Atwater says he will see what he can do to pull forensics on the case. Back at the firehouse, Boden holds a meeting over the incident, calling Brett and Mills into his office at the end.


He tells the two paramedics that they are allowed to take time off given what they went through, asking if they would see someone regarding the trauma they endured. Brett agrees it would be a good idea while Mills declines the offer. In the kitchen, the boys are going through Herrmann’s son’s hockey jerseys. He’s the new head coach of peewee hockey in Chicago. Interrupting their conversation, is a call over the loudspeaker.

Firehouse 51 arrives to the scene of a car accident involving Chaplin Orlovsky and another woman, who can’t feel her legs. Orlovsky is unconscious and bleeding out. Severide instructs the guys to separate the two vehicles, but Casey realizes if they move them the girl could be paralyzed, or worse. Since it’s his call, he instructs them to grab the jaws of life.

Mills crawls into the car check out Orlovsky. He has a pulse but its weak. They rescue the girl by taking the drivers side door off, pulling her out. They pull Orlovsky out separately through the roof. After the call, the guys relay stories about the Chaplin back at the firehouse, stating he got a lot of firefighters through some dark times. Mills reports back from the hospital with an update, but Orlovsky’s still touch and go. Casey asks how much the time they left him in the car worsened him, and Mills shrugs his shoulders. Changing the conversation, Herrmann tells the guys that the peewee hockey draft is the following night at Molly’s, and that they need to be there. Since his suspension, he needs to be accompanied by two other adults at all functions.

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