CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap: The Greater Good 1/4/2015

By on January 5, 2015


Maya Russell wakes up with duct tape over her mouth. She’s in a simulated crime scene. Jared Brisco approaches with a crowbar. He starts to toy with her while attacking her. Maya runs, only to find she’s locked in. The door opens and Winthrop is on the other end. She screams- and wakes up in her own bed. She calls D.B and says she wants to go home to Seattle. D.B refuses- she’s safer in Vegas with him. He eventually caves and says Crawford will driver her to the airport. Dan is listening in on the call with a few other cops. He calls the twins and says it’s happening tonight.

Cops somewhere bring Brisco and Winthrop in for good measure. Winthrop goes on about how Brisco looks good. Brisco insists he doesn’t get why they’re here- why he’s there. Winthrop tries to get him to calm down, but Brisco is all about blaming his brother. Winthrop goes on that they need each other. They work up a plan- apparently having no audience to hear them. In Vegas, the team watches a public statement Winthrop makes about his brother. Sara points out that they still have no leads, but Hodges it working on something to help them. Finn finds out Maya is leaving and she and Sara are skeptical- especially when they realize they used Maya as bait to lure the twins there. Morgan hears awful violin playing and walks in on Hodges playing it. She realizes he’s checking what the strings from the simulated crime scenes are. He’s found out it was catgut- and therefore Winthrop hired an expert with working with string craft to get the things. He points out the specialist in Vegas- it’s one that Finn shot during the early days of the case. They go to her place. Morgan and Hodges find the door has been kicked in. Morgan tells him to stay put as she clears the house. He investigates the immediate area when she goes around. She finds a mystery body that’s been laying there for a while. They regroup and look around more. They find a fridge with ants crawling by the handle. Morgan announces it’s filled with body parts. That night, cops who are guarding Maya get a call to go elsewhere as Dan arrives at her house and says he’s in place of Crawford to drive her. Maya is skeptical, but agrees. At the lab, Finn checks in with Dave. The body parts are from two of the other missing girls. Morgan comes in with fingerprints that were all over the place- Dan’s. Finn’s upset. Cut to Dan and Maya. She keeps questioning him about details about his work life and notes his absence in D.B’s stories. Dan shrugs it off. Maya realizes he missed the airport turn. He says he’s going another way. Maya’s smarter than to fall for it. She calls him on it, and Dan admits she’s right.

D.B gets a call from Conrad who is livid about the development, but gives D.B sympathy. Finn checks in with D.B about things. They go see Crawford, who is tracking Dan’s car and the audio inside. Finn’s upset all over again and calls D.B about still making her bait, but it turns out Maya is wearing a wire. Crawford goes on- cops have orders to take out the twins and Dan if things go downhill. Turns out Greg and Nick are one of the cops in pursuit and are extremely close to the other car. Finn points out something seems off with the whole case. In the morgue, Morgan processes the body and Dave arrives- the other body is Brisco’s female accomplice’s sister. He asks what she’s up to, and she points out that judging by the bugs around the bodies, the body parts were moved several times. They can track the twins’ movements. Nick and Greg check in, saying they’ve tracked him to an alley, and the car has stopped. In Dan’s car, Maya asks why they’ve stopped and steps out. Maya explains he’s making a call to the cops. She admits to D.B of being scared and the only thing getting through to her is thinking what he would do. She says she loves him. In Dan’s car, Maya continues to try and get through to Dan. She wants the truth- she wants to know why he’s doing this. He doesn’t say. Finn goes back to the house they found the bodies in. Hodges shows up and scares her- with a nod at Grissom’s methods as to the method of incidental scaring. They move a table Finn points out and rip up some floorboards. They’ve found a hidden cache.  Finn breaks it open- tons of money is inside. They go back to the lab. Turns out the victim was an escort, thus all the money. That’s the connection with the girls- they’re all from the escort service. One client- Paul Winthrop. Another- Dan. There’s hat connection. Back with Dan and Maya, Maya tries to humanize herself in Dan’s eyes, which he calls her on and says it won’t work. She offers that “why her?” will even suffice as an answer. Dan points out she’s different from the other girls, and there’s another reason he’s doing it, but he doesn’t say. At the lab, they realize the meet’s happening, and Dan’s been more or less buying time, driving in circles. Nick and Greg point out Dan’s driven into a garage in an industrial building. It turns out to be Winthrop’s. Nick points out if they go in, they’re going to get made. D.B and Crawford realize they have to wait for Winthrop to arrive. Maya asks where they are. Dan tells her to be quiet and listen. He turns on music- a violin. He goes on about the player- he says he couldn’t believe something- the player was so beautiful, he couldn’t believe she was his. He goes on. Something doesn’t sit right with D.B so he scrambles the cops. He hears Dan say he didn’t want this. Nick and Greg arrive at the car- it’s empty.

Nick, Greg, Crawford and D.B regroup. Nick reports that Maya’s wire is in the car- along with a digital recording of his voice to throw them. Greg points out he thinks they found a possible escape route for them. They follow it. Nick finds a wedding ring. They realize it’s Maya’s- it’s a breadcrumb trail for her, then they also realize she implied they switched cars too- and made her drive. They find a new tire tread and want to figure it out. At the lab, Finn asks Crawford how D.B is. He points out that DB’s upset. He himself is pissed off. Finn asks about Dan mentioning “something so beautiful being mine” thing again. He’s disgusted. Finn has a realization and runs off. In the new car, Dan admits respecting D.B to Maya. Maya promises that she’s not going to make this exchange easy for him. At the lab, Morgan tries to comfort D.B as best she can. He points out they IDed the car- but it’s an extremely common one. She goes on that she’s still tracking the location of where Dan’s taking Maya. She gets the response she’s been waiting for- he’s taking her to Big Horn Ridge. D.B offers that they may have passed a traffic camera and goes to check. Across the lab, Finn processes blood and is surprised at the results. She goes to D.B and points out she has Dan’s reasons figured out. The violin story isn’t about a victim- it’s about his daughter.  The dead woman they found was an old girlfriend’s sister, and had a daughter with said sister. And Brisco killed the ex-lover and now has Dan’s daughter to boot. D.B continues that Dan wants to trade the twins- D.B’s daughter for his. Dan and Maya arrive at the Ridge.  She points out he doesn’t seem like a killer, but he ignores her. He takes her into another recreated scene. Winthrop shows up, as does Brisco. Maya remembers her dream and is petrified. Dan demands where his daughter is. The twins are cryptic. Dan isn’t happy. At the lab, DB and Crawford try to figure out where they are. The latter gets a call- they’ve found the new location place- a warehouse. They scramble their people. At the warehouse, Brisco brings out Dan’s daughter, Amy. They have Dan kick over his gun and they shove her back with Dan. When Dan senses he’s about to get double-crossed, he tells Mara ad his daughter to run. He shoots at Winthrop and starts to strangle Brisco. Brisco goes slack and Dan lets up. Winthrop gets up and shoots Dan in the back in the back, then goes on about how he’s going to find Amy and do unspeakable things to her. Maya shows up and knocks him out, then grabs Amy and runs out of the building. The cops arrive. Nick and Greg go in to find Winthrop still missing and Dan’s unconscious. Outside, D.B has a tearful reunion with Maya. Later at the hospital, Finn checks in with Dan, who’s woken up. Dan asks how Amy is. Finn explains she’s okay but with CPS. Dan isn’t surprised. Finn wishes he had come to her before everything went wrong. He says there’s something else she can do: bring Amy to her grandmother in Texas. Finn agrees. Outside, Sara visits D.B. They’re still looking for Winthrop. D.B is upset Maya was almost a victim and feels like he’s still failed- and he thinks Winthrop is going to be at his most dangerous.

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