CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap: Hero to Zero 1/25/2015

By on January 26, 2015


A scared man walks through an alley where a group of hooded and masked men attack him. A light goes on and a disguised voice tells them to stop. It’s a man in costume.  The gang goes to attack him. Nick and Sara arrive at the scene and Crawford meets them to show them the body. Sara points out the ground is sticky, but thanks to that they have a bunch of footprints to check. Nick pulls back the garbage covering the vic- and it’s the costumed man. Crawford shows Sara a backpack that’s been rifled through. There’s a sketchbook with a bunch of comic book superhero sketches. Nick realizes it’s the victim’s costume- and in it, the hero triumphs over the gang. “Too bad the hero only wins in comic books.”

They continue to process the scene- there were at least five gangmembers. Dave calls them over to go over some of the wounds, but there’s no ID. Someone calls out from behind the tape. It’s the man who was attacked. He’s homeless. They take him in to trade new clothes and shoes for his statement. He muses how the superhero rescued him from the creeps. Sara asks what happened after that, but he admits he ran. He says he found a red pickup parked in the alley, but that’s it. D.B checks in with Morgan, who says that the shoeprints were dead ends since the boots are common.  But there’s odd trace on the bottom of most of them that they could fallow. Greg checks in to show the gang robbing a jewelry store. They head over there to try and see if they could find anything to identify the gang. Greg takes care of more shoeprints, but there’s also that trace again. Finn finds blood on the broken window. At the lab, D.B and Sara check in. D.B quotes Batman and Sara jokes she didn’t pin him for a Batman fan. Hodges comes in, talking about walnuts and offers a couple of walnuts to D.B to boot, then says that’s what the trace is- charred walnut dust, essentially. Henry also arrives with results to the blood. No exact, but a familial match is a Mr. Preach, who’s in prison. He has a son, Trey, who they could go for. The kid has a purple Mohawk. Sara points out one of the gangmemebers in the comic also have a purple Mohawk. They bring in Trey. He doesn’t want to talk much, and Sara makes the offer that he’d get the charges for the rest of the gang unless they work with him. Trey sees that it’s the superhero that got murdered and calls him a freak, but also points out he didn’t touch him, let alone kill him. D.B goes to Morgan to tell her the news. Morgan says that the shoeprints at the shop and the alley don’t match up. It’s two gangs working the same neighborhood. D.B is skeptical. He wants to bring the homeless man, Roger in again to see if he saw more than he thought. She and Greg go to look and they don’t find him. Morgan checks a dumpster, then someone runs past her and noises go off all around her. Seconds later, she’s surrounded by masked, costumed people. She’s just about to panic when Greg arrives as backup.

They talk to the masked people. Greg asks them to unmask. They refuse in order to protect themselves. Morgan points out that the masked man was probably a friend and he died. They worry about ‘Dominion’ but don’t seem to know he’s dead. Morgan and Greg tell them the news, and the pair unmask at that to help them out. They ID him as Brad Jeffries.  Shortly after, D.B goes to talk to Brad’s mother and stepdad. They knew about the costumed thing, and they’re relatively okay with it but worried about his fate, so they’re not exactly surprised he was killed. D.B mentions his partners, Tina and Scott. His mother explains they were his best friends and visited all the time. Downstairs, Nick talk with Tina and Scott as they train. Nick is skeptical about the reasons and methods of crime fighting. Tina used to be a victim, and Scott used to be a creep and wants redemption. Nick points out they’re not cops, they’re vigilantes. He suggests being a cop, but Tina argues cops are just greedy. Nick finds more of Brad’s drawings and holds one up of a superhero rescuing a woman by a red pickup truck. Tina explains it was based on a guy roughing up a hooker and they intervened. The aggressor owned the pickup, and they haven’t seen him since. At the lab, Morgan is surprised to find the whole superhero thing is quite common nationwide. Sara shares her own uneasiness about it. Hodges arrives- he’s traced the dust to a pool supply shop. Sara says she’ll check it out. Across the lab, Greg visits Doc Robbins, who tells him that the man’s beating was nonlethal- up to one blow that got him in the back of the head and caused brain injury and instant death- but it came an hour after his first beating. Greg goes to tell D.B. The latter says one of the gangmembers came back or an entirely new person showed up. Greg points out the bands on Brad’s neck. D.B points out the marks are also on one of the drawn gangmember’s weapons.  Sara checks in too, back from her trip to the supply store- the construction crew there is headed by Tony Agrerro, who drives a red pickup truck. Nick, Crawford, Finn and a couple of other uniforms go to the area. Finn hears beeping and she and Nick follow the sound to a commercial truck whose door is open with keys in the ignition. Finn spots blood, and then a dead body- it’s Tony.

The sun’s up and Finn and Nick are still investigating Tony’s body. Dave rules that Tony’s time of death could still put him at the scene of Brad’s first beating. Dave points out “interesting” scratches on the truck bed. Finn says the other two superheroes might be involved. Dave says Tony got killed around midnight, and Nick says he had let Tina and Scott go by then. Sara goes to see Tina and claims she lied about knowing him. Tina is standoffish until she finds out Tony is dead. She denies killing him- her code doesn’t involve killing. She says she was with Brad’s mom, talking all night. Sara asks where Scott was. Tina doesn’t know. Sara doesn’t believe her. At the lab, Greg shows off photos of Tony’s construction crew- they all came clean about the first beating. D.B asks why, Greg says that they said “their boss told them to.” They also point Tony’s mask came off during the beating and it looked like Brad IDed him, then Tony went back to kill him to avoid being  reported. Morgan comes in and says that’s not possible-apparently Tony wasn’t at the alley because he and the rest of the workers went to a bar all night, and the bartender confirmed it.  Shortly after, Scott is brought in and Nick reminds him of his past involving beating people down. He shows the photo of Tony. Scott shoves it away and denies being involved in that. Nick points out the gear from his costume scratched the boot, and Tony’s blood were on his boots. Scott says that he was at the scene, but Tony was dead when he got there. He says he checked the man’s pulse and walked. Nick says he didn’t get the facts right- the truck wasn’t running but the door was open. Sara and D.B regroup and find out they’re still short of the suspect. A uniform arrives with a new weapon that was brandished by someone harassing tourists. The man in question is Roger.

Sara goes to talk to him. She asks him about the club. Roger goes on that the club gives him power, it makes him invincible. He says he found it in a dumpster. Sara points out the club beloned to his rescuer. Roger argues the club is his. Sara goes on that he might’ve found it on Brad and Brad might’ve woken up and startled him so Roger hit him. He still denies it and says he doesn’t remember which dumpster, for a while, and then he remembers it was “the one with the golden star.” Across the lab, Nick checks in with D.B that Dave’s estimate on Tony’s death was off six hours. Nick points out Scott’s statement might’ve been right that the truck was still running last he was there. Brad and Tony might have the same killer now. Hodges arrives to find more trace from an Etheopian restaurant. They follow that lead, and sure enough, the restaurant has a logo with a golden star. Nick checks the dumpster and it’s empty. Finn finds a security camera.  They check the footage and it’s Seth, Brad’s stepfather. Seth admits wanting to “teach Brad a lesson” about following the superhero thing. He hired Tony to go beat Brad up. He goes on that Tony called after the beating happened, then Brad still didn’t come home, so he went out to find him. He finds him coming to, and then accidentally let it slip that he knew what happened and Brad puts the pieces together, so Brad snapped at him. Brad threatens to tell his mother, so Seth attacked him. D.B shows him the picture of Tony’s body. Seth explains that he went to talk to Tony about payment and whatnot, and Tony ended up attempting to blackmail him, so Seth killed him to prevent that. Later, D.B visits Sara in the lockerroom and says he has something for her. Sara opens the gift – it’s his version of a “Greatest Hits of Comic Books” to get her hooked after their conversation of fact vs. fantasty. Sara’s pleased, but jokes, “what if I don’t like them?” he responds “then don’t tell me.” She thanks him, and they go their own way.

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