CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap: Merchants of Menace 1/25/2015

By on January 25, 2015

Merchants of Menace

The sketch that was done of a victim from one of the team’s old cases shows up being shown off by a comic book shopkeeper, claiming it’s a sketch from one of the CSI team’s previous cases. His customer denies him, and moves on, and it’s revealed that he’s at a con for serial killers and other criminals from around Vegas. The shopkeeper makes a big reveal over the car and pulls back the curtain to show a dead body is in the car. Everyone is ecstatic, but the shopkeeper panics. Damien Harlowe is the victim, who started up the con.   D.B and Morgan arrive to investigate later and Morgan gives him the low down on what it is. D.B’s disgusted. They go over the case that the car is from, and how the suspect involved in the car is now dead via the death penalty. D.B scopes out the suspect pool.

Dave says Damien died ten hours ago- midnight. He checks the dozen stab wounds- he was killed in the car, and something was dragged through the blood on te interior. D.B talks to the shopkeeper. He says the man was MIA for almost a day, but he didn’t think much of it. He says that Damon didn’t have many enemies and he and the collectors are good people. D.B’s not so convinced. Greg arrives to investigate and Morgan catches him up. The kid from before ducks under the tape to get a selife with the car. Greg goes to chase them off, then  tells them off. He notes one lives in Dead Owl Creek, then the uniform with the crew escorts them out. Fingerprints comes back to Nora, someone related to Lucas Ream’s victim.  They bring her in and Sara interviews Nora. She goes through her memories how her sister Rachel went to protect her when Lucas broke in and she got killed for her trouble. Nora heard and saw it all. Sara points out she must be angry. Nora points out she thinks that means she killed Damon. She says she didn’t, but she loved him- they had ended up bonding over psychoanalyzing Lucas. She says that she and Damon sat in the car the day before. She felt odd but safe because Damon was there. Sara asks where she was the last night, she says she was at home. Across the lab, D.B meets Nora’s father. He explains that Nora was at the scene. Her father is skeptical that she had anything to do with it. He tries desperately to defend her. He says he’d do whatever it took to preotect her. D.B  says he’d do the same. Nick checks in with Doc Robbins. Damon was stabbed with a big kitchen knife, and has found two bone fragments, but he’s not sure where the bones are from yet. Nick hands off the bone fragments to Hodges. Later, Hodges finds out the bone was sharpened- like a knife made of bone. Henry arrives- he’s run the DNA on the bone- it’s Lucas Reams’.

D.B is fascinated with the news. Nick suggests that one of the people from the con stole Lucas Reams’ bones and did a crime to honor Lucas. Morgan comes in and points out that a knife from a seller’s collection went missing. They need to figure out what happened to Lucas’ body post-execution. D.B follows a lead to one prison and gets a worker, who says the body was originally meant to be cremated, but the body was stolen. It went unreported because the worker thought all his families deserved to think that Reams’ was dead and buried. He still has a bottle that the thief may have touched, and gives it up when D.B asks. Finn processes it and the DNA traches back to Todd Spana. Nick comes in and explains Spana made Lucas Reams when he saw the man with blood and called it in and used that for celebrity. He goes to all these cons to fuel the fire. They bring him in. Todd denies being involved with the theft and connect him to Damon’s murder for good measure. He insists that to those collectors who adored Lucas he’s the Anti-Christ, why would he be around them more than needed?  He tells Nick to check the “blood market” for suspects, since that’s where the darkest memorabilia from killers go. Finn follows up on the site, and tells D.B there are now apparently eight Lucas Reem bone knives. The seller turns out to Be Bruce Waters- the father from before. Another user tells Bruce there’s a middleman who can hook him up more with better products and Bruce says he’d meet Damon. Morgan arrives and the fingerprints on the knife have gone back to Bruce as well.

Later, Bruce has supposedly skipped down since D.B saw him. He continues that Bruce just came to make sure Nora didn’t take the fall for his crime. They bring her back in. Sara speculates at her about Bruce killing Damon. Nora says that’s not what happened. She goes on how Bruce went to her a few days ago and told her that he had heard about the Lucas bones and got the info from Damon to destroy them. Apparently there’s another meet up happening with Bruce and the seller. Nick and Sara scramble to go make it. They investigate and find blood. They follow the trail to find Bruce murdered. Sara finds a gun, but it’s empty. Nick speculates that Bruce didn’t have the money so he used the gun for negotiations and underestimated the one who would’ve been on the other side of the gun. Sara says there’s something in his mouth. She checks, and it’s a blue string. They go back to the lab and find it must’ve been from the attacker’s jacket- and it belongs to Lucas Reems’ old jacket. Morgan double checks the dragged spatter and points out the fringe could’ve caused it, so whoever killed Damon killed Bruce.  They continue that the seller found out Bruce wanted to destroy the knives and Damon was his middleman so he killed them in a rage. They go back to Todd to try and trace the jacket back to someone. Todd eventually agrees and mentions a place that con-goers might hang out. He’s skeptical they’ll let Nick in. Nick says he’ll bring something to get in- something special. He goes to the meet, and the bouncer lets him in. Nick goes in and surveys all of the dealers showing off their collections. Nick sees a man apparently checking things in. He indentifies him as Gunner and presents what he brought- a miniature from the Miniature Killer from their early cases. He goes on that he’d be willing to trade for the knives. Gunner calls ‘Jacob’ in. Jacob points out he hasn’t seen Nick and apparently goes to make him, but Nick gets the jump on him and officers storm the place before he can get the chance.

At the lab, Nick, Henry and Hodges process the jacket and knives. Finn interviews Jacob and finishes that he did the two murders as a tribute. She gets a text that the jacket isn’t actually Lucas’, nor was it in the car. Turns out he just wanted the credit for a while. Finn charges him for obstruction and leaves. D.B and Sara talk about how some of the new bones weren’t Lucas’ bone or bone period except for one, Gerald Palmer, and they lead him to a morgue operator and it’s the same morgue worker D.B talked to earlier. They bring him in too. He’s arrogant, and D.B smacks him down about it and says they’ll catch him and pin the murder on him once they link the items to him. He wants a deal- his freedom for the list of his customers. Greg and Morgan check in. She’s found one item on sale- a Lucas Knife with a silver painted handle, and the buyer is from Dead Owl Creek like the kid from the beginning. Greg goes to get him at a new memorabilia show. The kid comes clean about it immediately as a show of arrogance. Greg asks why he came back to the show. He says it felt like a dream, but the actual murder felt real, just like his connection to Lucas. They arrest him. Later, D.B visits Nora and says they caught the guy who killed her loved ones. She’s grateful, but points out the uneasiness will never be gone.

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