Dance Moms Recap 1/27/15- Season 5, Ep. 4- Bye Bye Pittsburgh

By on January 27, 2015
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“Dance Moms” is literally making my head spin this season. Abby Lee Miller spent so much time in season four perfecting a new group of young dancers only to let them go. Now, she brings them back whenever she needs and extra body since Christi and Chloe are gone. First she brought in  JoJo and mom Jessalynn from “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and then added Sarah with mom Christ-y. Again, it is just a hot mess! You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” here. 


The competition last week was in New Jersey and they needed someone to fill Maddie’s shoes since she would be off in LA doing work with Sia. So they brought in JoJo who could quite possibly be the most obnoxious little girl in the world. Her mom is no better. JoJo is assigned a solo along with Mackenzie but it is just not working for her so Abby redoes the entire solo to tailor it to JoJo. Since Abby had already submitted JoJo’s original piece to the competition, someone had to do it.

That is when Sarah is brought in as opposed to using someone from the existing team. This is crazy because now it’s like a mish-mosh of dancers. As for the group routine, Nia is put in the forefront so that if it sucks, Abby can blame her. This is all going on while the ALDC is preparing for the LA studio to open. In fact, Abby spends more time on her phone doing business than watching the dances. In the end, the group placed 2nd, which kills Abby while Sarah and Mackenzie took first place in their solo divisions. JoJo…came in third! Ha!

Tonight, JoJo and Jessalynn battle for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again. As the team prepares to head to Hollywood, Holly and Jill grow concerned that Abby’s focus will only be on her favorites, and that Nia and Kendall will be forgotten.

Keep reading to see if Abby cans this JoJo with a bow-bow!

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