General Hospital Recap for January 12 to 16

By on January 17, 2015
'general hospital'
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'general hospital'

This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…Nathan and Maxie can’t seem to leave their bed; the mayoral election results are announced; and Jake may ruin Patrick and Sam’s romantic night.

Nathan and Maxie head back to their place for some afternoon delight. Maxie teases Nathan for getting jealous when Maxie admired Jake at the Metro Court bar.

At General Hospital Jake is surprised to find Helena in Kevin’s office. What is she doing there? Helena has some important instructions for him. She orders him to tell Sam that Kevin declared him innocent—and to kill her! Naturally Jake doesn’t remember Helena or her orders, but seems to do what she has asked.

Meanwhile Carly argues with Sam over Jake’s innocence. Sam is convinced he is the masked man who took her hostage and helped Faison escape. Carly believes Sam is distracting herself because she blames herself for letting Faison get away. Indignant Sam looks like her head is about to explode, especially when Jake rejoins them to assert his innocence.

Alexis stops by Wyndemere to find Nikolas holding Tracy’s ELQ shares that he found among Helena’s belongings. Instead of telling Alexis that Helena is back, Nikolas lies, saying he was looking into company acquisitions.

At the Metro Court restaurant Tracy sits with Lulu. Tracy frets over Luke’s upsetting behavior and how sensitive he seems over any mention of Bill Eckart and his other sister, Patricia. Lulu drops her tea cup. What other sister?!

At the house on Elm Street Michael and Bobbie hears noises in the basement. As they are about to investigate, Fluke (Fake Luke) grabs a baseball bat and heads upstairs. He greets them with a murderous look on his face. Is he going to harm them or let them go? It’s the latter as Michael explains what he intends to do with the house.

At Pentonville Sonny and Julian gossip in the courtyard. Julian finally reveals to Sonny that someone is still impersonating Luke. The rescue at Miscavgie was staged. And this person—whom Julian does not know—is determined to take over both their territories and essentially destroy everything. When Sonny hears that this person has been working with Jerry, Helena, and Faison, he gasps. Who is this person, the kind of psychopaths? Speaking of psycho paths, where is Franco hiding out? Kitchen duty?

Back in Port Charles Felicia and her team head to the courthouse to make sense of the mess that is the mayoral election. Through flashbacks from Lucy, Duke, Felicia, Mac, Maxie, Nathan, Lulu, and Spencer, we learn that the election has been on hold due to a missing ballot box from the Elm Street neighborhood. Lucy apparently took it because of a moment of temporary insanity; she wanted to make sure Felicia would win. She told Duke, who took it upon himself to ask Jordan and Shawn to get rid of the box. Jordan agreed because she wanted to ingratiate herself into the organization. So she and Shawn dump the box into the harbor. Little did they know that Spencer overheard them.  Later Spencer asks his new baby-sitter/lackey to dive into the freezing water to retrieve it. He does, and Spencer brings the box home where Nikolas stares at it for a long moment with inscrutable eyes.

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