General Hospital Recap for January 19 – January 23, 2015

By on January 24, 2015
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General Hospital is finally going to put an end to the Fluke case and I for one could not be happier. It is definitely. Fluke gives Sonny and Julian a warning; Johnny sweeps back into Lulu and Maxie’s lives; and Carly promises to help Jake regain his memory.


At the Elm Street house Shawn tries to break into the basement, but Michael interrupts. Michael assumes Shawn is there to watch him per Sonny’s orders. He tells Shawn to leave, but Shawn refuses. He asks Michael to trust him and let him do his job. Michael scoffs and calls Dante to report a trespasser. And once again, Shawn proves just how incompetent he is.

Meanwhile Sonny is at Pentonville assuring Julian that Shawn is their best bet to learning who Faux Luke really is and how to stop him. Ha! Johnny’s thugs approach and get ready to give Sonny and Julian another pummeling.

At the Haunted Star Lulu tells Dante that she plans to stay in business with Johnny; he owns half of the Haunted Star! When Dante suggests she sell her shares to Johnny, Lulu refuses. This place belonged to her parents—and besides they need the extra income. Dante is obviously not happy about this, but he leaves Lulu and Johnny to clean up. Lulu argues with Johnny and tells him to stop being so smug as Johnny reminds her that she shouldn’t let Dante push her around.

At the docks Faux Luke meets up with Helena. They discuss the Haunted Star and how Helena plans to eliminate Sam and they will have everything they want very soon. Meanwhile Patrick and Sam are about to hit the sheets when they pull back to talk about Jason and Robin. Downstairs Jake lets himself inside and prepares to kill Sam when he sees a photo of Jason with Sam and Danny. He is hit with memories of Sam moving into the penthouse and sees Robin standing before him. Robin explains she is a hallucination, but of the good kind. Kind of like his conscience, but bigger than Jiminy Cricket. She reminds Jake that he knows Sam and she is a mother. He can’t kill her! However, Helena calls Jake. She orders him to kill Sam AND Patrick. After she hangs up, Nikolas interrupts. He still can’t believe Luke is working with Helena. Fluke tries to brush to implied accusation off and warns Nikolas not to tell Lulu.

Carly finds Elizabeth at General Hospital to ask her if she has seen Jake. Hm, wasn’t Elizabeth supposed to go home and have dinner with her kids? Why is she at work? Elizabeth admits she saw Jake on his way back from working out at Sonny’s gym. Carly realizes he would rather work there than at the Metro Court fitness center—and that he isn’t coy about there he wants to spend his time. Elizabeth sees that as a dig as to why Jake left her house. Carly explains it is because Jake has feelings for Elizabeth and didn’t want to get in Ric’s way.

Maxie walks into the Haunted Star looking for Lulu, but finds Johnny instead. She is surprised yet delighted to see him. Johnny is also happy to see Maxie—and to learn that she is now a mother. He can’t believe Spinelli is the father or that Maxie is dating Nathan. He doesn’t think Nathan is the right guy for her and maybe he is. Maxie laughs; they can be friends, but she is totally smitten with Nathan. Johnny reveals that he thought about having a daughter one day and naming her Harper, which is a nice nod to the real life where Brandon Barash and Kristin Storms are married and have a daughter named Harper.

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