General Hospital Recap for January 5 to 9

By on January 13, 2015
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This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…Olivia regrets what she did on New Year’s Eve; Johnny returns to Port Charles; and we come closer to learning Fluke’s real identity.

Maxie and Nathan wake up blissfully in bed. Nathan wishes her a happy new year—and continues to do so throughout the rest of the hour while he romances her by making breakfast (wearing nothing but an apron and underwear) and sexing her up in the living room. It’s a good thing they are roommates, too! No one to walk in on them.

At the Metro Court Olivia dreams of being with Ned while Julian dreams of being with Alexis. Unfortunately, reality hits when they wake up—with each other. Olivia regrets it immediately, while Julian thinks he was able to get Ned out of Olivia’s system.

Down the hall Ned and Alexis wake up together, content but not terribly ecstatic. They can’t help but think about the kiss Olivia and Julian shared last night. As they leave to eat breakfast, they bump into Olivia leaving Julian’s room. Oopsy! Later Olivia seeks Alexis out to apologize if her sleeping with Julian hurt her in any way. Alexis believes Olivia’s apology is disingenuous, seeing as Olivia was stone cold sober when she slept with Julian. Olivia is taken aback at Alexis’s rejection and challenges Alexis: if she doesn’t really care about Ned, dump him!

At the MC restaurant Bobbie joins Faux Luke for breakfast. He bristles when Bobbie mentions that she initially thought Luke’s imposter was their cousin Bill Eckart. As she lists his misdeeds, Faux Luke gets huffy and storms off. Hm, maybe because he is Bill?!

Sonny is happy yet surprised to see Morgan in the Pentonville visiting room. Morgan brings a photo of Ava’s baby and tells Sonny that the baby is his. They discuss how angry Michael is with them. Sonny sadly gazes at a photo of his new daughter as Morgan promises to watch out for her.

Ava is brought into the police station to await transportation to Pentonville where she sees Silas and Kiki with her baby. Ava is allowed to have a short bittersweet reunion with her children. Silas asks Ava if she wants to name her youngest daughter, so Ava decides to call her Avery. Now the question is, what is her last name: Jerome or Corinthos? Later at Pentonville Sonny bumps into Ava, who tells him about their daughter. Sonny defends her when the guard makes an inappropriate comment about Ava, but this doesn’t mean they are friends. Sonny’s day gets even more interesting when Johnny approaches him in the courtyard. It seems that Johnny will be released soon—and he plans to look up Carly and Lulu!

Anna is working in her office when Sloane arrives. He isn’t too pleased that Frisco put the kibosh on his investigation on Anna, but gleefully tells Anna that Officer Perdia (remember her?) testified that she was part of a conspiracy to frame Johnny for his father’s death. Meaning Johnny made a false confession and will be set free! Anna is outraged as Sloane smiles smugly at her.

Lucas drops by Julian’s penthouse to visit his dad. Julian admits that he is back in the mob. Lucas isn’t happy, but also doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Julian, so he begrudgingly accepts Julian’s decision.

Carlos meets with Faux Luke at the docks where Fluke orders him to kill Julian since Julian couldn’t kill Jordan. Carlos seems to have no trouble knifing Julian in the back as he heads to Julian’s penthouse and pulls out a gun. Julian can’t believe Carlos would betray him like this, but Carlos explains it’s an act of survival. Julian thinks quickly and comes up with a plan where they can both live. Carlos reluctantly agrees.

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