Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 10 1/19/2015

By on January 19, 2015


In the mid-season finale:  Jane and Rafael struggled with their relationship and the news about Petra being Natalia, Rogelio and Xiomara were thinking of the boundaries on theirs, and Petra’s mother pushed Alba down a flight of stairs.


A few years ago, Young Jane was a quick learner with straight As. Xiomara sees an add for parents to come in with a meal from their culture. Jane wants Alba to do it since she’s the better cook.  Alba teacher her the power of prayer.


Fast forward to present day, they’re in the hospital with Alba. She’s stable, but the doctors aren’t sure if she’ll wake up. She may also have brain damage.  Jane insisists on Alba wanting them to pray. Jane can’t find Alba’s rosary and finds it missing. She wants to go get it, but Xiomara talks her out of it with the tropical storm that’s rolling in. With Michael and Nadine, they make it down to the secret tunnel they found. They find a retinal scanner. Michael calls for back-up. Upstairs, Rafael’s father wants to leave to handle business. He reluctantly hands managerial duty back to Rafael. He points out Lochland was about to oversee job cuts and hands him that duty as well. Rafael’s not thrilled. Rafael leaves, then runs into Petra/Natalia. She has divorced papers signed and will leave when he signs a pre-nup. Rafael points out that ‘Petra’ signed it, not Natalia. Petra insists she lied because she’s been running from a very evil man. Rafael doesn’t believe her. They’re about to argue further when there’s an announcement that the tropical storm has been upgraded to a hurricane. Meanwhile, a coworker finds Alba’s rosary and hands it over. Jane hurries off. Meanwhile, Rose overhears Rafael’s dad ‘s business call- potential extortion and all. She catches him in his lie when he makes an excuse. With Michael and Nadine’s boss arrives to help investigate. A few moments later, other cops have made it into the locked room. They find what looks like a surgical room. New mystery number one. Downstairs, the storm ends up wrecking  part of the lobby and Rafael announces the hotel is in lockdown.


In the surgical room, Nadine and Michael find out that one of the medical patients from the hotel who were relocated to the hospital may be Sin Rostro’s victims. Michael continues with his theory that Rafael is Sin Rostro. Jane checks in with her friends, and they’ve heard about job cuts. She promises to talk to them- and they point out Rafael and Michael are talking. She runs over to stop them. Michael vlurts out what he’s found with the room and Sin Rostro. Michael heavily implies his theory to her and she’s unsettled, then gets distracted when the boys face off again. Upstairs, Natalia and her mother scheme on how to get more money. Her mother reminds her that they still have Ivan. Ivan promises he’ll keep his mouth shut if they let him go.  At the hospital, Rogelio arrives to check in with Xiomara. Jane goes to check in with her coworkers, and it gets ugly when one, Lena, points out her doubt that Rafael will fire her. She’s outnumbered, so she leaves. She goes to check in on Rafael and ask about the layoffs. He cops to the layoffs. Jane asks to see the list of people. Rafael hands it over, despite knowing it’s a bad idea. She’s not on it, but some of her friends are. At the hospital, they point out with the immigration reform, Alba may have to be deported.  Jane gets flak for not fighting for her friends’ jobs. She goes to talk to Rafael about it and gets in the elevator. Michael joins her by accident. He blurts that he’s following her to look out for her- and then the elevator lurches to a stop and the power goes out.


The emergency lights come on.  Rose arrives at the local mental hospital to see Luisa. She apologizes for setting Luisa up to be committed. She says she wants to be with her now, despite haing a nice life with her father. Luisa tells her to go back to it.  Back at the hotel, a branch wrecks Natalia’s room window. Ivan sees his opportunity and tries to escape. In the elevator, Jane unloads all of her stress about everything. Michael goes from insulting Michael and goes right to sympathizing and tries to comfort her. He points out there’s a cop there who can talk to her. At the hospital, Rogelio offers to pay to keep Alba there. A cop cops in and hands over the walkie. Xiomara tells her about the deportion issue. At the hotel, Natalia  comes back to the room to find Ivan holding a knife to her mother’s throat. Natalia tells him to kill her.  A brief struggle happens and Ivan escapes after Natalia tries to kill him.


Jane worries about not being around much for Alba anymore. They hug, just in time for the doors to open and for Rafael to see them. Michael bolts. At the hospital, Rogelio goes over plans to make sure the deportation doesn’t happen. Xiomara goes on about how she wasn’t the daughter Alba wanted. Rogelio denies that. At the hotel, Jane talks Rafael out of his first lay-off and he moves to the next, which is another one of her friends. At the mental institution, Rose comes back and claims to love Luisa and continues to try to get her back. They end up having sex.


Rose and Luisa talk and the former finds out about a person she overheard about in Luisa’s father’s phone call. Xiomara prays for Alba to be okay, and Alba does wake up. They get the doctor, and Alba explains she only remembers up to the party. There seems to be no damage done. The doctor adds the deportation issue has gone away. She thanks Rogelio- and then he admits he didn’t do anything. At the hotel, Jane confronts the first coworker that was on the list. She apologizes, but her friends are wounded. Xiomara calls her to tell her all is okay. She goes to see Rafael to apologize about the lay-off situation. She continues to ask why she wasn’t on the list. Rafael points out it wasn’t exactly personal gain that kept her off the list, but it would’ve been weird anyway. Jane muses on how she’s grown attached to passing babies. At the presicnt, Michael gets a report about something. Turns out the surgical room was for plastic surgery that Sin Rostro and company does on criminals. They trace one patient, 320. It may be Sin Rostro, so they plan to go after him.


Upstairs, Natalian and her mother pack to run away. Downstairs, Jane visits Rafael, but the seed of suspicion Michael planted is there. She asks him about the passports and phone in the safe. He comes up with a business-friendly explanation and cops to moving it when Michael snooped. He asks her not to let Michael come between them.  At the mental hospital, Luisa plans an escape. Back at the hotel, Rose goes to Rafael and expresses concerns his father may be involved in criminal acts and is planning to flee. She brings up the fact his father may be Sin Rostro. At the hospital, Xiomara calls Michael and thanks him for helping them out with the deportation issue. Michael asks for it to be kept hush hush from Jane. He still loves her and believes they’re still meant to be.


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