Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 11- 1/26/2015

By on January 26, 2015

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Chapter 11-

Young Jane tries to avoid conflict between her mother and grandmother. She writes fake apology letters back and forth between them to try and make peace between them.

At present, Jane tries to get Xiomara to try and bond with Rafael. Xio is still not convinced that the man has good intentions, but she agrees to going to dinner with him. She tells Rafael just as Rose arrives at the hotel to see him. Rose mentions that Emilio, his father, transferred five million dollars into a mystery account. Rafael doesn’t want to investigate anything quite yet, but he’s uneasy. Meanwhile at the police station, Nadine and Michael try to close in on Sin Rostro. At the hotel, Petra is getting paranoid that Milos will find them. She wants to contact Lachlan for help, but her mother denies her. The next morning at the school, Jane gives her students a pep talk during finals week after a class trip. Rogelio’s twins present her with a gift from the class. It’s a baby outfit. They get off the bus just as Sister Margaret calls with a permanent job offer.  Later, Jane visits Rogelio on set. He has an announcement to make. He’s hired her as an intern writer for the show. Jane’s less than thrilled, but is still apprehensive. She suggests trying to do both jobs.

Rogelio brings Jane to see Dina, the head writer. She succeeds in getting a line into the next script. She goes to see Rafael to quiz him on the info she’s given him about Xiomara. At the house, Xiomara and Alba prepare for the dinner. Xiomara gets a call from Rogelio and she ignores it. She goes on about the promise she made about being celibate pre-ring. Jane and Rafael arrive and they have dinner. There’s a misplaced comment about Rafael being the only financial support for Jane and Xiomara is livid. Jane tries to diffuse the situation and fails miserably.

Rafael leaves dinner early. Xiomara and Jane talk about what transpired. Jane insists that Rafael didn’t mean the statement the way Xio took it. Turns out Michael’s comment about still loving Jane is in the back of her mind. She admits that’s part of her problem.  At the hotel, Petra comes down the stairs, where Lachlan meets her. After he presses her for information on why she’s upset, Petra weaves a story about Ivan to tell him what’s going on. She wants to run. Lachlan offers to leave with her, and insists he loves her.  Upstairs, Xiomara arrives to talk to Rafael about what happened. Xiomara admits thinking Rafael isn’t right for Jane.  Across town, Jane arrives to see what she thinks is her scene being filmed, but it’s completely different. She goes to Rogelio to see if he talked the writers into saying that they liked the idea even if he didn’t. Rogelio comes clean. Jane points out that she’s trying to decide, and having one side biased for her isn’t fair. Rogelio tells her to write him a scene so he can see if she has talent. At the hotel, Rafael checks in with a contractor about the secret door and its use. A worker at the site says he knows who built the door. At the stage, Jane meets Rogelio’s assistant who gives her a pep talk about writing her scene.  It’s awful advice, but she comes out with what she thinks is a decent scene. That night at the house, Rogelio arrives to find Xiomara in a baggy sweatshirt and pants. He’s not sure how to feel. She wants to come clean about her vow, but he charms her. Things start to get steamy, but then after practically hallucinating Alba, she kicks him out.

At the hotel, Petra and Lachlan share a moment, but her mother interrupts it. The latter doesn’t trust him. The former does. The next morning, Jane goes to Rogelio with the scene. She’s expecting approval, but he doesn’t like it. She calls Rafael and he reassures her that things will be fine with her job and between him and Xiomara. He promises he’s there to stay. It turns out Rafael has followed up on the worker’s lead to see if his father is Sin Rostro. Outside, Michael observes the deal. The one who did the secret door kicks him out, then makes a call to someone. Michael sees this as more proof Rafael is Sin Rostro. Meanwhile, Jane falls asleep at the wheel while driving home. Michael goes to investigate the scene, and the one who built the door sees him and assumes he was with Rafael so he knocks him out. Back with Jane, she rear-ends someone.

Xiomara and Rafael meet up at the hospital, where Xiomara forced Jane to get admitted. Rafael expresses concern about her work balance and Xiomara agrees with him, so that problem is solved for now. Nearby, Michael’s in the hospital too. Nadine checks in with him and says he went too overboard there. She asks if it’s really just about Jane, and he denies it. Rogelio arrives at the hospital, and Xiomara ends up coming clean about her chastity vow. Rogelio insists he’ll wait for her.  At the hotel, Petra is in the middle of a bath when she spots yellow tulips- Milos’ calling card. Back at the hospital, someone’s called her about Michael in the hospital and she goes to see him since she’s still his emergency contact. She eventually asks him if he’s waiting for her. He says he is, and insists she and Rafael won’t last. Jane’s upset and insists she and Rafael will last and says she’ll end up with him. Nadine sees the look in his eye and calls their captain to tell him Michael disobeyed the order to stay away from Sin Rostro leads.

The next day, Xiomara is in a good mood and Alba assumes she broke her vow. In the process, she lets it slip that she knew what the vow itself was. Xio calls her on it and she confesses she woke up right before it. Jane arrives to tell them she’s taking the teaching job.  On set, Jane goes to say goodbye to her tv writing career. Tina arrives to tell her that she really liked the scene- turns out Rogelio’s assistant slipped her the scene she wrote. At the hotel, Petra freaks out about the tulips to Lachlan- who secretly was the one who put them there to scare her. At the set, Jane goes to Rogelio to tell him that she’s changed her mind to stay as a writer instead. It turns out that it’s also just a ploy from Tina and the assistant, who wants Rogelio’s job.

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