Video: Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads

By on January 18, 2015
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Justin Bieber and his Calvin Klein ads were once again mocked – but this time by the heavy hitters on Saturday Night Live.

'justin bieber skit with kate mckinnon on snl 1.17.14'

Kate McKinnon played Justin Bieber, and took aim at his muscles and penis bulge, which were questioned for being photoshopped.

In the first of the two “commercials”, Bieber plays the drums and tells the camera, “I’m a big boy now.” He also tells the camera when he got his tattoos it made him say, “Ow-wee.” The skit made fun of Bieber’s small frame with him doing girl pushups and lifting two-pound weights.

Bieber, who is under 21, reveals in the ad, “I’m not supposed to drink, but I do,” followed by Bieber drinking out of a children’s juice box. The first fake Calvin Klein ad ends with Bieber pointing to his private parts and saying, “Yeah, my pee pee’s in there.”

In the second of the two ads, which were both hashtagged “#MyCalvins,” Bieber asks, “Are my muscles cute?” He’s then seen playing around in his underwear, dribbling and shooting a basketball and riding around on a kid’s scooter. At one point he says, “All of this underwear is making me tired.” Bieber ended the second commercial by saying, “My Calvin Clothes – for my big wiener.

Saturday Night Live was hosted by Kevin Hart and musical guest Sia.

Other great skits on the show included, James Brown getting funky at the Apollo, a trip to Bushwick, Brooklyn – the artisanal hood, Kevin finding out he has a son, and much more.

What do you think about Saturday Night Live making fun of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Commercials? Do you think they went overboard?

Check out the video on the next page and let us know what you think?

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