Watch: Maddy Hudson on American Idol 2015 Sing ‘Resentment’ Is She the WINNER?!?

By on January 28, 2015
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american idol maddy

Maddy Hudson closed out the auditions on American Idol 2015 in San Francisco on Wednesday night and we might have a winner!!

Hudson, who is from California, sang ‘Resentment’ by Beyonce and the judges were blown away.

J-Lo said she was fantastic, , saying she got goosebumps over her whole body because of the performance. Maddy begins to tear up as J-Lo calls her one of her favorites. Keith “heard and felt” every bit of what Maddy sang, while Harry says she has every quality needed to be a superstar. Maddy thanks him for being so nice, but Harry says he isn’t just being nice. They give her three golden tickets, and tell her to tell anyone else she runs into to go home.

The 16-year-old singer came to the AI San Francisco auditions with her mom, whom she calls her “best friend and my rock.”

Check out Maddy Hudson’s American Idol audition video on page 2 and let us know if you think we have the Season 14 WINNER!!

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