Pretty Little Liars Recap 1/6/15- Winter Premiere- Through a Glass, Darkly

By on January 6, 2015
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“Pretty Little Liars” left us hanging when Mona was found dead in a trunk. Then, it was Christmas time in Rosewood and it looked like Ali had something up her sleeve, as always. We saw the return of CeCe and of course, the return of A. Mona even joined us as a ghost which will continue throughout the rest of the season. You can keep up with the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale here; the Christmas special of “Pretty Little Liars” here.


Everything seems right in couple-ville as Aria and Ezra are still blissfully in love as are Caleb and Hanna. Even Toby and Spencer, who is out on bail, are making the best out of all the drama. Sadly, Emily may lose Paige as her parents want her to move back to California because they don’t think Rosewood is safe. No one wants to lose a lover especially Emily who keeps getting hurt in the love department.

Tonight, the girls seek justice for Mona and grow determined to find evidence that will incriminate Alison, using any means necessary. Meanwhile, Paige and Emily reach a turning point in their relationship while Aria becomes concerned about her future.

Keep reading to attend Mona’s funeral!

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