Revenge Recap 1/11/15- Season 4, Ep.12- Madness

By on January 11, 2015
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“Revenge” is creating so many twists and turns for the fourth season that I never want it to end. I would also like a diagram because everyone seems to have a vendetta for something or another. The latest is from Margaux who is seeking revenge on Emily for the death of Daniel. As you may know, Margaux is expecting a baby with Daniel and was hopeful that they could start a new life together. You can keep up with “Revenge” right here. 

'Revenge Recap 11/30/14'When Emily found out that FBI agent Kate was associated with Malcolm Black, they decided to work together. It turned out that Kate was actually Malcolm’s daughter and she was looking for David. They started fighting and Kate pulled a gun then Jack and Daniel showed up. Emily begged Daniel to leave but he would not and got caught in the crossfire. He was killed by Kate who was eventually killed by Jack. Victoria wanted to get back at Emily for the loss of Daniel but David would not allow it.

David told Victoria that the best thing to do was to create a scandalous story about Daniel in order to keep the family safe from Malcolm. Victoria obliged but she did let Margaux in on some details so now she is after Emily. Louise is trying to help Victoria but it seems that her assistance is no longer needed. They thought that they were safe from Malcolm but at the end of the last episode, he showed up and was ready to kill.

Tonight, David no longer wants to be indebted to Victoria. Meanwhile, Emily assists Nolan with a scheme.

Keep reading to see what Malcolm is capable of.

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