Revenge Recap 1/18/15- Season 4, Ep.13- Abduction

By on January 18, 2015
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“Revenge” killed off one their main characters Daniel Grayson and now they have Victoria and arch rival Emily locked up together in a cell. This could be a bad situation…or they could learn to work together to get out. You can keep up with “Revenge” right here.

'revenge season 4'

Victoria has agreed not to do anything to Emily per David’s request. She blames Emily for Daniel being shot and killed and so does Margaux who will do anything to expose the truth. David wants to get rid of Victoria and he has been working with Nolan to keep Malcolm Black, the man who had been hiding him all these years, away from his family. If Malcolm learned that David’s son-in-law Jack shot Kate, who happened to be Malcolm’s daughter, no one would be safe.

It has become very clear that Malcolm knows about Kate and David’s involvement in lying and hiding the body. To get back at him, he knocks out both Victoria and Emily and locks them away together and now they must unite as one to get out alive. At the same time, Emily had been helping Nolan with his new friend Louise and they discovered that her twisted family had been allegedly drugging her for years. These families are all really big hot messes.

Keep reading to see if Victoria and Emily can save each other.

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