Revenge Recap 1/4/15- Season 4, Ep.11- Epitaph- Daniel’s Funeral

By on January 4, 2015
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“Revenge” is back after about a month hiatus and this is the episode fans have been craving like candy! The show will pick up after Daniel Grayson has been shot and killed while protecting Emily and we are invited to the funeral. You can keep up with “Revenge” here. 

'revenge recap 1.12.14'

RIP Daniel Grayson

Jack’s new lady love Kate would have been able to help Emily figure out many issues with father David now that he is out in public. However, Kate turned out to be evil and went after Emily. Prior to this, Daniel had decided that he was going to be the best father he could after learning Margaux was pregnant. They had agreed to work on their relationship and she was getting ready for Daniel to come over for the evening.

As Daniel was walking on the beach, he heard shots and a struggle so he stopped and saw Emily caught in a crossfire with Kate. As he went in, Emily told him to leave; she damn near begged him to leave and when he didn’t, he ended up getting shot and killed by Kate. Kate was then killed by Jack. We all know now that Victoria will do whatever she can to avenge her son’s death after Emily spent years trying to avenge David’s “death.”

Tonight, we gather for the funeral while David attempts to protect those he loves. But will that include Emily and how will Margaux react to the news?

Keep reading as we say good-bye to a pivotal character.

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