Sister Wives Recap 1/18/15- Courting Another Wife

By on January 18, 2015
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“Sister Wives” is on week two of their family road trip. Why do they insist on putting all ¬†these people in RV’s and driving cross country? They must be nuts!¬†07-sister-wives-419

There’s a family that the Browns are very eager to meet, another polygamist family where the husband has two wives. On the way from Vegas, they have decided to stop in a few states just to say hi some friends and family. At one stop, their plan go of course so Kody suggests that he phone a friend of his so they can have man time. This does not sit well with third wife Christine at all. She feels that this friend is rude and awful and wants an apology from him. Clearly, that is not happening and now there is immense tension between the family.

During the trip, they stopped to see Christine’s mother who will be moving in with them in just over a month. It had to be Christine who is fighting with Kody and it had to be Christine’s mom moving in. They also stop to see Madison who has moved to an apartment in Utah for school. She does not care to talk to her father much about living arrangements or school so she kind of keeps quiet when he tries to engage her in conversation.

Tonight, the road trip continues as does the bickering between Christine and Kody. Can they make it through or will someone jump ship early?

Keep reading to see if Christine lasts the whole trip.

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