Sister Wives Recap 1/25/15- One More Woman in Kody’s Life

By on January 25, 2015
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“Sister Wives” is finally done with this crazy RV trip to visit a polygamist family. They stopped in Utah to check on their old home as well as daughter Madison, said hi to Christine’s mother who will be moving in with them and all hell broke lose between Kody and Christine. It really was a mouthful of unnecessary drama. You can keep up with “Sister Wives” right here.¬†


The RV trip took a dangerous turn when Kody brought up contacting an old friend, Ken. He was raised in the church with Kody and once joked that he should lose his other three wives (Janelle, Christine and Robyn) and just have Meri. I don’t know if it was an intentional jab but Christine could not let the words go and believed that she deserved an apology. It got so out of hand and it came down to hormones and PMS. Christine’s whining was really ruining the trip for everyone while Meri was just living it up.

They finally ended up at the Collier home, a family of polygamists, one husband and two wives. They proudly display a “poly” sign out in front of their house to show who they are and that they are not ashamed. Husband Nathan says that at 45, he does not think that he could court a third wife because he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the sex. Never heard that one before. They are blended and poly so they have some aspects that the Browns have as Robyn came to the family with three kids of her own. It is always great for them to get some new insight from other families similar to them.

Tonight,¬†Christine’s mom is moving in as her two oldest daughters prepare to set out on their own. Meanwhile, Meri comforts Robyn, who continues to have problems with her ex-husband. Just what Kody needs; another Christine! Thank heaven for Meri who can deal with the whole Robyn issue.

Keep reading to see how the new addition affects the family.

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