The Bachelor with Chris Soules Week 2 – Who Was Eliminated -1/12/14

By on January 12, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules returned with 30 beautiful women vying for the farmer’s heart.

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For the first week, Chris eliminated seven contestants, while Britt received the first impression rose. The drama has already begun with Kimberly being eliminated but then returning to ask Chris for a 2nd chance at love. Surprisingly Chris accepts Kimberly back and the 22 remaining bachelorettes are now 23.

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Group Dates:
The first group date: Jade, Tandra, Ashley, McKenzie, Kimberly, and Tara are invited on the first group date and it says “Show me your country.” The other girls are not happy that Kimberly has not only been allowed to ‘get to know’ Chris better but she has been invited on the first date, as well.

The six girls head out on their first group date, and meet up with Chris Soules. He tells them that last night was kind of crazy – so he wants them to relax and have a pool party. The girls cheer and begin stripping down to their bikinis and hopping in to the pool. Chris sits down with Kimberly first, and they decide to start over. Meanwhile, Jillian and Megan decide to break in to Chris’s house and they find his motorcycle and play with his helmet and snoop around his kitchen.

After the pool party, the ladies have a tractor race on the streets of Los Angeles. Wearing their bikinis, Chris reveals the winner will get special alone time with him. After a slow start, there is a one lucky winner, Ashley I.,  but Chris does a 180 turn and decides to spend time with Mackenzie, who is not the winner, sending home five disappointed ladies. The young woman shares a secret with Chris and asks Chris if he believes in aliens and admits that she might have seen one before. The conversation turns a little more serious and Mackenzie explains that she hasn’t been on a date in a year because she has a one year old son that she is raising by herself. After showing Chris pictures of her son – Chris presents her with a date rose and she accepts it, although he did confess he thinks she is a bit strange.

One on one date:
Megan captures the first one-on-one date of the season: a romantic helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. During a picnic lunch the conversation turns serious. The young beauty opens up about the story of her father’s tragic passing. She receives a rose and a kiss.

Second Group Date: Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn and Britt and it says ‘Til Death Do Us Part!

Eleven women face one of the most scary group dates ever as they shoot their way through a maze of zombies using paintballs as ammunition.

Eleven unsuspecting ladies have a real surprise in store when their limo rolls up to an abandoned lot. The terrified women are “attacked” by a horde of zombies with only paint ball guns to survive their night with the walking dead until their heroic Bachelor rescues them. However, after surviving the attack one fun-loving, trigger-happy bachelorette exhibits some bizarre antics and jaw-dropping declarations.Things between Chris and his first impression rose recipient Britt are burning up with red hot kisses, but will this chemistry lead him to give her the date rose?

The pressure is undeniable at the cocktail party as the women fight for Chris’ attention before the rose ceremony. A very sexy lady reveals a secret to the women and then proceeds to make sure that her alone time with Chris is hot and heavy, leading to one of the steamiest make out sessions in Bachelor history.

At the end of the night, 18 women will remain in the chase for Chris’ heart.

If you can’t wait one more minute to find out makes it to the end of The Bachelor, click here.

Keep reading to see the 18 women who remain at the end of the night?

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