Video: The Bachelor Spoofed on SNL with ‘Farm Hunk’ Starring Blake Shelton

By on January 25, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules, a full fledged farmer, who is searching for love was spoofed on Saturday Night Live with Blake Shelton starring in a new reality series called Farm Hunk.

'bachelor spoof 'farm hunk'

The show begins with the usual intro, ‘One hunky farmer, 25 beautiful ladies, who will he take home to Iowa to be his bride?’ Shelton plays The Bachelor, Ryan Coles.

Ironically, the contestants we meet live in Hollywood and are a part of the porn industry. Coles seems okay with that telling one of the contestants, ‘he loves kids and he is horny.’

Coles also tells each of the ladies negative things about Iowa including telling one lady it is “ugly, stinky, and far away from things, and no one there your age to be friends with,” in addition to asking a black woman, if he picked her, “would she be okay with never seeing a black person again?” She responded like the other ladies, saying, “I’d love that.”

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Just like the reality series, The Bachelor, the women in Farm Hunk, continually interrupt each other for a minute of alone time with Ryan. The funniest contestant was an overweight blonde woman who kept interrupting Ryan and would burst into tears because of the typical contestant reasons, a father dying 10 years ago, being kidnapped (it never made the papers because it happened on the same day as the Jon Bonet Ramsey case) and needing Ryan to give her medicine every day for the rest of her life. Ryan tells the crying lady, “I love how real you are being and I have made my decision,” before being interrupted by a woman telling him, she knows she is going home as it is the second week but to look her up next time he is in New York – she would be happy to ‘shuck him’ and time.

Check out the video on the next page and let us know what you think – it really is spot on!!

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