How Far Did Britt Nilson Make It on The Bachelor with Chris Soules

By on January 6, 2015
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Britt Nilson was the break out ‘star’ on the season premiere of The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

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Nilson is beautiful and made such a great impression on Chris Soules that he gave her the much coveted first impression rose. Watching the two of them look into each others eyes and profess how happy they both were to have met each other, felt like we were watching a romance movie and as though, the other 29 women vying for Chris Soules heart and the final rose should just call it a day, get back in their limos and go home.

Of course, that isn’t how The Bachelor works. We have to watch week after week to find out what happens. We will look into every word Chris and Britt share, how he looks at her and if he looks at anyone else the same way and guess if Britt will make it through another rose ceremony.

In People Magazine, Chris wrote on his first blog that he chose Britt, who he shared the longest hug in television history with, to give the first impression rose to because she ‘Ultimately, not only gave me the best hug of my entire life but also really made me feel comfortable on what was a pretty stressful evening.’ They also shared the first kiss of what is sure to be many this season.

Thankfully, we have the spoilers and an insider over at The Bachelor who is willing to share some info with us.

Keep reading to see how far the couple makes it and if they make it to the end on the next page.

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