The Amazing Race Recap 2/25/15 – Season 26 Premiere

By on February 26, 2015

On a special night, The Amazing Race aired the season premiere for the 26th season on February 25, 2015, with all new episodes airing on their regularly scheduled Friday night.

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On the season 26 premiere, Amazing Race has a twist – there will be the usual pairs but this year, there are couples who have never met, a blind date that takes place as a race around the world. This will definitely be interesting to watch – will romance happen or will two complete strangers end up wanting to kill each other?

Amazing Race kicked off the season with ten single people making up five couples they are competing against existing couples. The existing couples know their partners strengths and weaknesses while the new couples are at a disadvantage and have to figure it out as they go along.

The first thing the pairs have to do is race for tickets to Tokyo, Japan. The race takes place along the lake shore until they hit a mud run challenge. There are eight tickets on the first flight to Japan and three on a later flight. The winner of the first leg of the race will get the Express Pass. And they are off and the first couple to finish is an existing couple, Matt and Ashley, followed by two couples who are blind dates. Blair is miserable on her blind date. Three dating couples take 4th, 5th and 6th place followed by a blind date couple who takes the seventh ticket.

The couples are off to Tokyo for their next clue and there’s a blind U-Turn, as well.

Jelani and Jenny are first to Kanda Myojin. The couples must either learn synching steps or memorize sakes and deliver them for the challenge. Jelani and Jenny decide to do syncing steps. #TeamJJ are next and decide to do sake. Matt and Ashley do the synching steps. The next couples also decide to do the steps but #TeamNewKid opts for sake. They get the sake right and are thrilled. They drink sake, get their clue and leave. #TheHairstylists and #TeamSoCal shows up to learn to dance. Most of the other couples choose the synching steps.

Most of the couples opt to dance. The couples keep attempting to dance and get frustrated. The couples who finish, head to a parking spot, where the pit stop is.

After watching the teams attempting to dance and get frustrated, they finally finish and head to the parking spot, where the pit stop is:

We have the order of the teams as they finished the race:

Jeleni and Jenny are team #1! They have the express pass to use in a future race.

Jeff and Jackie are team two.

Laura and Tyler are team three.

Aly and Steve are team four.

Harley and Jonathan are team five.

Bergen and Kurt are team six.

Jeff and Lyda get U-Turned by Mike and Rochelle.

Mike and Rochelle are team seven.

Hayley and Blair are team eight.

Matt and Ashley are team nine!

Libby and CJ are team ten.

Jeff and Lyda are in last place and eliminated.

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