The Bachelor with Chris Soules – Britt Nilson Goes Home Week 7 – Find out Why

By on February 14, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules is heating up. Following the dramatic exit of Ashley I. and Kelsey, Chris takes the remaining women to his hometown of Arlington, Iowa.  And based on the clips we have seen, it seems like a ghost town. The only thing missing from the preview clips were the tumbleweeds rolling down the streets. Chris’ reason for sending Ashley I. home was because he felt she wouldn’t be happy living in Iowa. At that point Ashley threw a bomb Chris’ way – asking him if Britt, the woman he seems to be falling for the most, would be happy in Iowa? And the seed of doubt has been planted.

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Britt has been the center of Chris’ affections since the season began. Since winning the first impression rose, watching this season of The Bachelor has been all about Britt and Chris. So what happens when Chris takes the women to Iowa? This is where it all falls apart for Britt.  She becomes insanely jealous when Chris takes Jade on a one-on-one date, wanting to see Arlington, Iowa with Chris. The ladies sneak out (is it really sneaking if they are given a truck by the production crew?) and experience the town on their own. After seeing Iowa, Britt tells Carly and Kaitlyn that she can never live in Iowa,  it is not the place for her. Then later Carly witnesses Britt tell Jade that this is the place for her.  Is Britt being two faced?

Carly thinks Britt is being two faced and decides she has Chris’ best interests at heart and reveals to him that Britt is lying to his face about how she feels about Iowa.  Chris is broken hearted and reveals if Britt is lying he will be absolutely crushed.

This will definitely lead to a lot of drama on week 8 of The Bachelor, as we see Britt in tears in the hotel hallway. Is she upset because she’s been found out or is she upset because she really didn’t say she those things that Carly told Chris?

We also saw a brief clip of Britt facing off with Chris in front of all the women. Was Britt jealous and confronting Chris?

We have all the details for the spoilers for The Bachelorette Week 7 here.

It looks like there are two reasons it didn’t work out for Britt. The first reason is that Britt and Iowa are not the match made in heaven they (or anyone else believes them to be).  Once the unrealistic fun dates of The Bachelor are over, whoever walks away with the final rose will have to live in a small town in Iowa. This will not be easy for most of the women, especially Britt.  The second issue with Britt is jealousy. Watching your man date a number of women can bring the big scary green eyed monster out in anyone. Is that what ultimately did Britt in? Stay tuned because we will be watching Sunday and Monday night’s episodes of The Bachelor, recapping them both.

Anyone else think Britt should be the next Bachelorette?

Check out the clip on the next page when Chris learns that Britt is lying about her love for Iowa. The reaction on his face is priceless.

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