The Bachelor with Chris Soules – Who is the Final 1?

By on February 23, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules, a farmer from Iowa, will be down to his final choice in only a couple of weeks. If we believe the rumors out there, Chris is engaged to his one and only.

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Watching the season of The Bachelor has been interesting to say the least. There is a Playboy model, Jade Roper, who was sent home, after making it to the final four and then there was Britt, a beautiful waitress from California, who seemed to be the one and only for The Bachelor, Chris Soules. Unfortunately, Casey and some of the other women got in Chris’ ear and made him doubt Britt Nilson’s sincerity. Was she really willing to move to small town Arlington, Iowa or was she just acting like she was willing to move so that Chris Soules would choose her. Ultimately, Chris sent Britt packing.

The Bachelor also eliminated Ashley I. and Kelsey, also known as The Black Widow. Kelsey showed her crazy side during the two on one date and had everyone talking about whether she was sane at all.

Following the three dates in Bali with Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney, where Kaitlyn was eliminated – two beautiful women remained – Becca the virgin and Whitney, a fertility nurse from Chicago. Chris asked Whitney if she was sure she would be willing to give up her career to move to Arlington, Iowa to be with him. Whitney is all in.

Becca has everyone doubting if she can really commit? After all, the beautiful virgin has never been in love and has is a self confessed commitment phobe. Will Chris Soules be able to break down the walls of Becca? Will he be willing to take the risk and propose to Becca?

We have the answer as to who the final woman is at the end and who Chris Soules chooses on the next page.

Keep reading to find out who it is!!

And read all the details about the final three’s date and the fantasy suites on The Bachelor Recap.

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