The Bachelor with Chris Soules – Who Are the Final Three Women?

By on February 16, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules has worked his way from 30 women to the final three women. Following a rough week, where he eliminated Britt Nilson, who appeared to be his favorite out of all the women, Chris went on the hometown visits.

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Visiting Whitney, Jade, Becca and Kaitlyn in their hometowns, Chris learned a lot about the ladies and had to eliminate one of the four women to get to his final three.

Becca has never brought anyone home to meet her family. Chris is the first man she has ever brought home to her family. Since she has never been in love before, she is assuming the feelings she is having are the feelings of love.

Becca’s sister reveals to Chris that Becca is not an intimate person. Nothing like raising a red flag for Chris. It makes you wonder if these hometown visits are not for the families to just throw grenades into the relationship between the Bachelor and the women.

During Jade’s hometown visit, she finally reveals to Chris that she posed for Playboy and even shows him the photos from the magazine.

During Whitney’s hometown visit, she asks Chris if he wants to make a baby. She is talking about in her fertility clinic. Whitney was raised by a single mom, who has passed away. Chris asks Whitney whose blessing he needs and Whitney tells him her sister. When Chris asks Whitney’s sister, she is hesitant to give Chris permission to propose to Whitney because she doesn’t like that Whitney is one of four women in Chris’ life. You can’t blame the families for being hesitant with Chris. Being one of four isn’t such good odds of making it to the final one.

With four ladies remaining, Chris is going to have a tough time choosing the final three women and one woman will be sent home broken hearted. Who will that be? Will be it be Jade, Whitney, Kaitlyn or Becca.

We have all the details as to who will be the final three on the next page.

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