The Bachelor with Chris Soules Recap 2/16/15 – The Final Four Women – Hometown Visits

By on February 16, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules is going to be down to the Final Four women and the hometown dates, following this week’s episode.

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The Bachelor had a special episode on Sunday, February 15th where we saw the downfall of Britt Nilson, who was the front runner for Chris Soules’ heart up to this point. After arriving to Iowa, Britt and some of the other women took a road trip to Chris’ home town of Arlington, Iowa. She expressed to Casey that she didn’t see herself living in Iowa but then backtracked to Jade, who went on a one-on-one date with The Bachelor, telling her that she loved Iowa.

Britt was upfront with Chris telling him she wasn’t sure at first about living in Iowa, but then it grew on her. When Casey told Chris all the details about her conversation with Britt, Chris looks shocked. It makes you wonder the real timeframe for when Chris spoke to Britt versus when Casey spilled the beans. Britt definitely didn’t put Chris’ mind at ease because when it came time to hand out the group date rose, he gave the rose to Kaitlyn. This sent Britt into a tail spin and she questioned Chris about being his 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice after she told him how excited she was to have him come to her hometown.

Britt made the atmosphere very uncomfortable. She expressed that she was confused and very hurt to Chris, in front of Kaitlyn and Casey. Britt felt very vulnerable and like she was begging for validation from Chris. She expressed how hard it was for her to see it and she was having a difficult time with not being his first choice. Chris told her it was a big, tough, difficult decision and it doesn’t change anything going forward. He questions if Britt really wanted to be there. Britt asked him what he would say if she was thinking about leaving. Chris didn’t want to have the conversation in front of Carly and Kaitlyn and left.

After Chris left, she told Kaitlyn it had nothing to do with her. Kaitlyn told Britt that she made her feel really bad. Britt questions whether she feels taking Chris home to her family because she doesn’t just take anyone home to meet her family. The girls tell her she doesn’t need to worry about getting a rose. Britt isn’t worried about getting a rose, but more worried about Chris meeting her family.

The girls think Britt is going to leave. Britt feels bad and cries because she didn’t mean to make the girls part of what happened with Chris. Casey is enjoying Britt’s downfall. And is a bit too happy about it.

When we pick up on The Bachelor tonight, Monday, February 16, 2015, we will see the outcome of Britt calling Chris out in front of the other women. Will she walk out on her own? Or will she stay and Chris will not choose her? We will have to wait and see.

What we do know is that two people will be eliminated during tonight’s rose ceremony and only four people will have hometown dates.

To find out who is eliminated on tonight’s episode…..go to the next page.

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