The Bachelor Chris Soules Spoiler – Who Are the Final Two Women?

By on February 17, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules has three women remaining. Anyone else curious as to who the final two women will be? We have the spoilers and details here!

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Following the dramatic exit of Britt Nilson, we saw the the elimination of Carly and Jade Roper, the remaining three women are Becca, Whitney and Kaitlyn. The three ladies will be heading to Bali, where there will be romance, over night dates and fantasy suites. Since Becca hasn’t told Chris she is a virgin, this should be very interesting. Will Becca take Chris up on the fantasy suite or will she turn him down? Becca revealed to Chris that she has never been in love and her sister spilled the beans that intimacy is something Becca has difficulty with.

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We have an interview with Jade Roper and who she believes is the final one!

What else can we expect to see on the next episode of The Bachelor? First off, Chris Soules has warned us in his latest blog on the People website, there will be a lot of tears, following the exit of Jade Roper, Chris explained, “That was really the beginning of the end for me as far as crying goes. From here on, I basically turn into a huge baby. Just wanted to warn you.”

So who goes to the fantasy suite? All three ladies will go to the fantasy suite with The Bachelor Chris Soules. As for what happens in the fantasy suite? No word yet on whether Chris slept with any or all of the ladies. Last season on The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman, we learned on after the final rose that Andi slept with the man she eliminated, Nick. This ultimately broke his heart, but after he announced it to millions of viewers, there was no sympathy from viewers. Will Chris Soules have learned his lesson from this and not have sexual relations with all of them? Hopefully he will take into account that Becca is a virgin and unless he plans on keeping her around, he won’t have sex with her.

Now for the big news – who was eliminated and who are the final two women remaining on The Bachelor with Chris Soules……go to the next page to find out who the final two women are?

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