The Bachelor Chris Soules Spoilers 2/16/15 – Week 7 – Who Goes Home? Does Britt Go Home?

By on February 10, 2015
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The Bachelor with Chris Soules continues on it’s journey and will head to Chris’ hometown of Iowa. This will be a real test for the ladies to see if they want to continue on their journey with The Bachelor and if they can see themselves living in Iowa or if they would rather end their journey and go home.

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On the most recent episode of The Bachelor, Chris sent home Ashley I. and Kelsey after Ashley revealed to him that Kelsey is not what she appears to be. Soules defended his decision of sending both ladies home in his blog on People Magazine, saying his decision to send home Ashley I. had nothing to do with her telling him about Kelsey’s true colors, but rather because he couldn’t see how Ashley, a self-professed Kardashian wanna be, would be able to live in Iowa. Upon Ashley’s exit, she planted a seed of doubt about Chris’ favorite bachelorette, Britt, asking him if he really thought that Britt would be able to give it all up and move to Iowa. Britt is not all glitz and glam, having revealed she doesn’t shower very often during one of the episodes.

What can we expect on The Bachelor this week? Besides two episodes, including the Woman Tell All episode and an interview with former Bachelorette winner, Andi Dorfman, where she will supposedly reveal the ‘real reason’ she and fiancé, Josh Murray, broke up, there will be a lot of drama.

There was no rose ceremony on the most recent episode because Chris sent Ashley I. and Kelsey home on his two on one date and rumor has it that Megan eliminated herself prior to the rose ceremony.

Next week will be filled with drama, beginning with Jade Roper’s big reveal – she posed for Playboy. Something Have U Heard reported on months ago. Check out Jade Roper naked here.

Chris finally has a 1-on-1 date with Jade at the Bachelor’s alma mater high school’s football game. Roper didn’t even have to reveal her past as a playboy model, to get the rose after her down-home date.

Check out what the complete recap for The Bachelor on the 2/16/15 episode here.

Also getting a solo date on Sunday is Whitney Bischoff, who will tour Des Moines with Prince Farming, before hitting up a nice dinner and having an artist paint the two of them into a mural. Finally, Becca Tilley snags the third 1-on-1 around town to several places, including the Locust Tap, the Continental Hotel, and the Kitchen Collage. Becca also receives a rose. That means there is only one rose remaining.

Find out what that means for Britt on the next page.

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