The Bachelor Chris Soules Spoilers 2/9/15 – Is Kelsey’s Act Up? Who Goes Home?

By on February 4, 2015
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'chris soules and becca - final two'

Following last week’s episode of The Bachelor with Chris Soules where we saw Kelsey Poe play her title of widow to the max, causing her to be dubbed the “Black Widow,” by the other ladies and ending the episode with a cliff hanger, Kelsey on the floor of the bathroom – we have some major spoilers for the fans. Did Kelsey’s panic attack help to play on Soules’ sympathy even more than her being a widow, landing her a rose? Who did Chris ultimately send home, after canceling the cocktail party, saying he didn’t want to lead anyone on since he already made his decision as to who was going home.

We watched last week as we learn that Britt hasn’t showered in weeks. Chris took to his blog to tell everyone he never noticed she didn’t shower. With that gorgeous hair, it is hard to believe she didn’t shower. We also saw a 50 Shades of Grey type episode when Chris and Carly went on a one-on-one date that made you feel as though you were watching porno instead of an episode of The Bachelor.

Britt has taken the fact that she doesn’t shower being revealed in stride, taking to Instagram to reveal more news about herself. She let her fans know, ‘she has never taken a shower, she was born in a test tube, in outer space and she can read minds too.’

We have the complete recap from last week’s episode of The Bachelor and everything you ever wanted to know about Kelsey Poe but forgot to ask.

After the rose ceremony, nine women are left to accompany Chris to Deadwood, still hoping to be “the one.” When they arrive, Becca, who has remained low key up until now, finds out that she will be the lucky woman going on a one-on-one date. She and Chris meet at the foot of the Black Hills National Forest where he is looking forward to a first kiss. Their romantic horseback ride ends with an intimate dinner in front of a crackling campfire. They share plenty of laughs, but things turn serious when the couple gets cozy. Becca has also revealed she is a virgin, like Ashley I., will that have an effect on the couple getting cozy?

Some of the bachelorettes remaining in the hotel are sick and tired of Kelsey’s “act.” Will they tip Chris to the truth about the woman they call “The Black Widow?” The next day, a group of the ladies are shocked to meet country superstars Big & Rich, but when they find out they need to write and perform their own love songs in front of a live audience, most of them come down with a major case of stage fright.

Keep reading to see what happens.

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