The Bachelor, Kelsey Poe Uses Husband’s Death to Try and Snag Chris Soules

By on February 2, 2015

The Bachelor, Chris Soules may have just been taken on a ride. Kelsey Poe, known as the ‘black widow,’ poured her heart out to Soules, revealing she is a widow. Having married her husband at the young age of 19, her husband died suddenly of heart failure while out for a walk.

'kelsey poe psycho - the black widow'

Feeling desperate after The Bachelor, Chris Soules went on a romantic one on one date with Britt, Kelsey snuck up to Chris’ hotel room to reveal her tragedy to him. Right after she reveals the death of her husband, she is in the diary room saying,

 ‘isn’t my story amazing..tragic….but amazing.’

Kelsey seems almost psychotic or like a sociopath. Watching her was like watching a really scary movie, before the killer makes her move.

Whitney noticed something seemed off with Kelsey, before the rose ceremony. Chris revealed to all the women, he and Kelsey had a tough conversation, and he was feeling super emotional. The women all question Kelsey’s motives. She knows she just bought herself another week by revealing her tragedy.

Chris revealed that he realizes how it important time is to Chris Harrison and how important the decisions he makes really are.

Kelsey took to her Facebook page where she wrote:

“Widows inherit the role of being the beacon who attests to their deceased spouse’s happiness. That’s why I sometimes find myself idealizing my marriage to him, describing our relationship as perfect, when in reality it was just as healthily flawed as any other marriage.” She also wrote, “On our wedding day, we vowed to love, cherish, and honor each other until ‘death do us part.’ But even after death, I still love, cherish, and honor him.”

Following Kelsey’s big reveal and Chris Soules canceling the cocktail party, Kelsey walked away from all of the women. We then see her laying on the bathroom floor crying and saying she thinks she had a panic attack. She really is stirring up all the drama and will do anything to stay another week. The reality of the situation is that Kelsey has revealed herself as psychotic more than anything.

What did you think about what Kelsey did by telling her tragic story to Chris and playing on his compassion to keep her another week?

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