The Big Bang Theory: ‘The Comic Book Store Regeneration’ 2/19/15

By on February 20, 2015
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The Comic Book Store Regeneration

The Big Bang Theory envelops its audience this week with human/chimp tests, relic furniture and even a few tears for a loving cast member in “The Comic Book Store Regeneration.”

Sheldon is at first angry with Amy for helping his nemesis Barry Kripke with string theory and seeks counsel on how to deal from Penny. Howard is upset that Stewart uses his mother’s furniture on display in the now restored comic book store.

At the beginning of this episode one assumes it’ll be another quirky tale regarding Sheldon’s lack of knowing how to cope with daily idiosyncrasies. Essentially, he is bothered with Amy for helping Barry Kripke in his research in string theory, a theory in science Sheldon rendered a dead end.

He follows up with Penny seeking her advice on how he should handle this when doing laundry together. Theirs is an odd relationship considering his grand genius and limited social understandings while she is the complete opposite. However, their dynamic works well on screen and the relationship between this unlikely duo throughout the series has become something of endearment since their first spat some seasons ago; when Penny used Sheldon’s kryptonite against him and told on him to his mother.

In this case, however, Penny’s help and advice to “let it go” wasn’t getting through to him so easily. In a very Sheldon fashion he brought Penny down with him and revealed Amy’s latest chimp tests she’d been using on Penny without her knowledge. Funny how things work out when Sheldon realizes that upsetting Penny helped him eventually let his initial disturbance with Amy go. It was a skillful and funny tactic as Sheldon reciprocated Penny’s original advice to him and even used the pen analogy she introduced.

It was no surprise to watch Penny blow up on him at this revelation considering she’d often pull the “GET OUT!’ method on Sheldon (and the rest of the gang) many times over, shortly slamming the door right after him. However, there are countless instances when Sheldon and/or Amy would compare Penny to chimpanzees and insult her intelligence. This may have been the first time we get an actual reaction from Penny that displays how Sheldon’s (and at times Amy’s) behavior is not okay.

This can also be due to Penny’s recent growth in character and in mind. She’s come a long way since that perky young girl who just moved in across the hall with glittery aspirations to become a movie star. She’s now progressed in to a grown woman in her own right and has developed a newfound respect for herself as an individual. Regardless of this though, Amy seemed rather unapologetic and turns out Leonard was also tested as well and was not as skillful as Penny when unlocking a banana trapped in a box.

On a different note, the backdrop of the comic book store has always been an essential piece to the setting of our nerds throughout series. Given Stewart’s long run on playing the world’s smallest violin for himself – even his own therapist couldn’t take it any longer and ultimately committed suicide – the beloved place filled with outdated comics went up in flames… literally. Upon restoration, thanks to the helpful insurance money, the guys make obvious puns that Stewart had some kind of hand in the fire however, though he denies it, one can’t help but wonder.

Anyway, Howard grows jealous and frustrated at Stewart’s unlikely relationship with his mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, and openly freaks out once he gets a load of the comic book store’s new furnishings from his mother’s old place. Raj and Leonard take this chance to walk away from an awkward situation and luckily ran into Nathan Fillion from TV’s Firefly but Raj wasn’t easily convinced it was him.

This scene was as needless as it was quirky, but what’s The Big Bang Theory without a major geeks’ celeb making an appearance?

Keep reading to see what happened at the Comic Store.

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