The Big Bang Theory: The Troll Manifestation 2/5/15

By on February 6, 2015
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This week brings a take on The Big Bang Theory we haven’t seen in a while. The guys team up once again to virtually fight off a cyber bully and Bernadette sings to the beat of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” at a California beauty pageant in “The Troll Manifestation.”

Sheldon and Leonard co-publish a physics paper online and encounter criticism to their work as scientists. The ladies hang out reluctantly sharing embarrassing stories at the other’s expense.

Leonard reaches a small breakthrough during his date night with Penny when discussing his latest scientific findings. It’s important to note that this is one of the few times Leonard actually works out a possible ground breaking idea to then run to Sheldon for his professional opinion. This perhaps has more to do with the fact that what he realized was directly involved with theoretical physics and not experimental. This, however, seemed a bit off because it’s been a while since Leonard and Sheldon have collectively worked together.

This season thus far has been one that stipulates growth in most of our favorite characters. Sheldon has shown much growth throughout but in this episode in particular, he agrees to co-publish this theory with Leonard and initiates Leonard to click the mouse with him just before they post it online. This was such an evolved moment considering the last time Sheldon and Leonard published a paper together they ended up in a tit-for-tat YouTube video, with Sheldon’s delusional will to blow up Leonard’s mind.

Their accolades however, are short lived after Raj and Wolowitz point out others’ comments to their paper. In the midst of some positive reviews, the one to hold the negative irks take a toll on our heroes and while they choose to ignore this at first – much to Leonard’s plea – Sheldon decides to act in a hilarious response that involved an ever eloquent spin on a “Yo Mama” joke. The crew sticks together to fend off this bully who responds after each strike back.

This was a rather nostalgic moment, much like in the beginning of the series when Leonard and Sheldon dealt with every day idiosyncrasies while Raj and Howard filled in as their supportive back ups. A story line that was very much needed considering the endless array of relationship follow ups we’ve experienced ever since our nerds became one-woman men. Not that I am complaining, but every once in while the “geek squad” – if you will – can always use a fine tune up.

Back to the scene, Sheldon ultimately confronts the perilous cyber bully to meet him any time and anywhere. The bully quickly video chats him and it’s none other than Professor Stephen Hawking making yet another guest appearance. Much like the audience, our nerds are flabbergasted and flattered all the same as Professor Hawking admits to finding their paper intriguing. Hawking’s sense of humor is much like the rest of the show’s as he cleverly gives reason as to why he bullied them even after actually liking their paper.

It’s a wonder where the writers are going with this but having Stephen Hawking make guest appearances every now and again still adds a nice touch and feeds in the hope that our geniuses will make a discovery for the ages.

Hmm… will Hawking be involved somehow? That’d be epic, honestly.

At Penny’s place, our ladies dish on each other’s past (and present) they are not particularly proud of. Bernadette finally gets her day in the Sun and though it’s not for something as profound as some may have hoped for, it’s still puts a tickle in your belly. In the middle of Penny’s “Saw-like” gorilla budget movie, she and Amy discover that Bernadette participated in California beauty pageants. This small skit to her 1999 Miss California “Something” beauty pageantry dance and song was everything that fulfilled that certain Bernadette void we’ve been missing these last few weeks.

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