Catfish: The TV Show Recap 2/18/15- Nev and Max’s 15 Craziest Catfish Moments Countdown

By on February 18, 2015

“Catfish: The TV Show” is back for another season but before it can start, hosts Nev and Max want to take the time to countdown the craziest moments in the show’s history. You can get an idea of “Catfish: The TV Show” here.

nevvvThis season, Nev is on his own for the first couple of episodes as Max is on assignment. Scratching your heads as to who Nev and Max are? Let me explain. Catfishing is when you meet someone on the internet and they present themselves one way but could be completely different in person. This happened to Nev several years ago when he was barely in his twenties and met a woman named Angela online. She seemed to be perfect for him and so he started to document his journey. When he finally met Angela, she was a woman in her mid-forties and nothing like he expected. They remained friends nonetheless and the documentary became hugely popular.

From that popularity, MTV made it into a weekly TV show where people would contact Nev and good friend Max to help them meet the person they had fallen in love with but never met. It was all online based; some had talked on the phone while others had just texted. In the end, some of the people on the other end (catfishers) were just playing games while others made genuine love connections. There were times when a man thought he was going to meet a supermodel and a large man would come outside. It was crazy in all sorts of ways and it all had to do with the evolution of social media. Now it is time for a new season, new loves and so many new puzzles that Nev will have to help solve.

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Okay, so blame it on the tv but this ended up being a repeat. We apologize for the excitement so here is a preview of season four to make up for it! Enjoy! And don’t forget to tune in on February 25th for the season premiere!


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